Otherwise, start it by law.
But is [complete concept type-abyss king level] so easy to be promoted?
Obviously not.
Even if a guy does succeed in promotion, how can we ensure that he is what the plan needs?
Method to ensure
The Institute [owned by a parliament] can receive members of the Abyss Lord class and try to catalyze them in a specific direction.
If a guy who meets the requirements is born smoothly, is there any way to ensure that the other person will really join in?
Have you finished?
Even if the other person doesn’t want to, you can force the other person through the law.
The meaning of siege, the meaning of injury, the meaning of seal, the meaning of inducement …
All these situations
So that the implementability of the [return to a parliament] plan is directly pulled to the lowest point.
Only through the accumulation of limited length and repeated adjustment can we slowly find opportunities.
Wait, wait, wait, wait …
Waiting for a few members to lie dead, waiting for a few members to have an egg ache, waiting for a few members to change their mentality …
Abruptly, I went from the long past to the present.
That’s the perfect method to count [time scale]
Even when billions … times of cosmic reincarnation are regarded as a wink, they also feel that the situation is really a bit difficult.
In the whole plan
The price that each [complete concept type-abyss king level] needs to pay is not just simply urging its own strength.
The cost of trying to forcibly destroy the whole multiverse.
They need to pay a lot.
For example, it is necessary to jointly destroy a part of its own [quality] by special means before voluntary completion.
Only in this way.
By destroying the true self
Only by being "the constituent elements of the multiverse" can they truly make a satisfactory impact on the whole multiverse.
It is not only like a large number of parts of a large-scale machinery department are damaged together, which leads to mechanical problems, but also like a large company whose shareholders deliberately dismantle the company at the cost.
The whole plan can also be seen that the large-scale self-harm plan is a large-scale suicide plan
And …
Once the plan is successful.
Then the actual victims are far more than Olga and their madness.
The tangible things in the whole multiverse are bound to be impacted!
Including those who did not participate in the plan [complete concept type-abyss king level] [living high-level plane type-abyss king level] will also be forced to bear various corresponding influences.
[Immortality decreases], [Strength increases and decreases], [Absolute damage] …
after all
Plan creator and implementer
[To a Parliament] The guys inside can’t allow themselves to hurt themselves and create opportunities, but the rest of them can participate in their own efforts in exchange for others’ success to act as suckers …
All kinds of corresponding coping means that is also a lot.
Once the plan is launched,
"To a parliament" inside [complete concept-abyss king level] will destroy its own foundation and drag everything with it.
Whether the other party likes it or not.
And then show the differential massacre.
Destroy everything except [a parliament]
And finally kill each other.
Kill, kill, kill, kill …
Each strength to choose the guy who is qualified to reach the top of the only throne!
The whole plan can also be called "return to one", which is also the origin of the name "return to one parliament"
Chapter 1731 【 Final Plan to One 】 (2)
"Wow, this is really good."
"I love this."
"Kill kill …"
What happens to normal people when they face all kinds of plans that harm others and harm themselves because they are likely to let themselves die in situ?
Fear ratio?
Although the specific results are uncertain
But it probably won’t be a positive reaction
like that
It is obvious that there is no normal person or guy with normal thinking in the whole [to a parliament]
After understanding the plan, everyone did not expect the risk problem to fall into a happy atmosphere directly.
There are even many guys who particularly like this kind of action plan.