"It is almost impossible for Liu Bang to break through the current situation unless there is external help," Wei Zhaung said. "If this is the case, it is possible that Kunlun Mountain can’t get away from the Royal Guards. Han seems to have gone a little close to Kunlun. Fan Kuai has been to Kunlun Mountain many times …"
"I heard that in the past, I could refine a kind of elixir called Jiuzhuan Elixir. Even ordinary people can immediately break through to the Great Friar of Yuan God, but this elixir is too fate to be refined by heaven and earth every time, and it is said that refining this ammunition material is hard to find in the world. Now Jiuzhuan Elixir has been said!"
"You mean there are nine turns in Kunlun Mountain then …" Ning Caichen eyes a clot.
"If this is the case, Kunlun Mountain and Liu Bang, who went abroad, should have reached an agreement. Even the two sides may have come together." Wei Zhaung’s eyes became serious. If Kunlun Mountain and Liu Bang went abroad together, the situation would be bad for them.
"Anything is possible in this world. Don’t tell anyone about it yet. Send the Royal Guards to pay close attention to the situation in Han!" Ning Caichen said, "If Chu really goes with Zongmen and colludes with each other, it will not be Xiang Yu but Liu Bang and Chu, but we have to prepare for the worst."
Chapter 46 Banquet
Wei Zhaung is alone in the imperial garden with Ning Caichen. His eyes are changeable and his forehead is full of indecision and dignity. The picture deduced by Zhuge Liang is amazing. Liu Bang took the stage to sacrifice to heaven and claimed to be the true destiny. If this picture is true, it will contain amazing news.
Liu Bang rose at the end of Qin Dynasty. Zhang Liang, Xiao, Han Xin and others in Peixian County assisted in the establishment of the Han Dynasty. According to the Chinese saying, Liu Bang’s body was extraordinary, but he was born with a dragon’s life and a crape myrtle’s life, that is, according to the theory, such a person had two results in his life. One was that he died, but most of them were killed by the imperial court once they knew it. Another situation was that he ascended the throne and became king. In troubled times, Ying Zheng died after a hundred chaos, and Qin lost his deer. Liu Bang rose together at this time.
However, although Liu Bang is pregnant with good fortune, his physical strength is not strong, that is, he has changed his life to win longevity. When calculating, Liu Bang is now over one hundred years old. Even the powerful martial arts expert has long died, and most of them have died of old age. It is said that Liu Bang has been alive all the time, but Liu Bang has dealt with the state affairs of the Han Dynasty by law, which also caused the political turmoil in Lv Zhi, the state of the Han Dynasty
Lv Zhi is also famous for his biting methods. Liu Bang’s seven sons have been killed by her directly or by the introduction. Many ministers in the Han Dynasty are dissatisfied with Lv Zhi. Han Xin has repeatedly been tit-for-tat with Lv Zhi. Zhang Liang’s attitude seems to be ambiguous. This also gives outsiders a kind of turmoil in going abroad, and Liu Bang’s deadline will give people a feeling that the whole Han Dynasty is dying. Many people speculate that when Liu Bang dies, the Han Dynasty will usher in great changes.
Former Ning Caichen thought so, too. When Liu Bang died, the Han State would be brought down by this woman Lv Zhi sooner or later. This woman means that she is cruel enough and poisonous enough, but she is not Wu Zetian, and she can’t be a person like Wu Zetian. Han Xin, her hand, estimates that she will be the first to rebel and then wave the whole Han State. Then the once powerful Han State will also separate and collapse to decline …
But now Ning Caichen has a new view. He is not sure whether the picture deduced by Zhuge Liang is true or not. There is a trace of doubt in his heart, but let him be alert if Liu Bangzhen is not dead. If so, it is worth pondering. It is very likely that the current situation in Han Dynasty is an illusion or a truth. However, whether it is an illusion or a truth, it is likely that Liu Bangqi is playing chess to let him fade out of the sight of others, or it may be a chess game. Moreover, Wei Zhaung just said that information also made his heart heavy. According to Wei Zhaung, he spoke. If Liu Bangzhen breaks through, it is probably because of the nine turns to the elixir. If so, the Han State and Kunlun Mountain belong to the Han State and Zongmen, which makes people think deeply. Even if the Han State and Zongmen get mixed up, it is not impossible.
Before death, people make crazy moves, which is no exception. What’s more, it makes sense for a generation of monarchs. If they are alive, Liu Bang chooses to close the clan door, just like when Zhou Wuwang overthrew the Shang Dynasty and the clan door, but he did a good job of kicking down the ladder. The clan door was damaged by him. Ning Caichen had to admire Zhou Wuwang.
"Don’t you want to learn from Zhou Wuwang? It’s a pity that you’re not Zhou Wuwang today ….."
Ning Caichen’s vision is profound. He guesses whether Liu Bang wants to learn from Zhou Wuwang. If so, he can say that Liu Bang thinks too highly of himself. Today is different. In the past, Zhou Wuwang succeeded in one fell swoop. It was because Zhou Guo was powerful and capable, and Zhou Wuwang himself was one of the best in the world. Moreover, there were still many people in Zongmen who took refuge in Zhou Guojia’s decisive battle in Shang Dynasty. When the Zongmen master lost too much, Zhou Wuwang was able to succeed in one fell swoop. But now the whole situation seems to be the strongest in the weak dynasty of Zongmen. The two representatives are him and Xiang Yu, but he never believes that there is no match for Xiang Yu in Zongmen. At the beginning, the two looming momentum of Kunlun Mountain was not necessarily weak. Moreover, Zongmen’s real card is the magic weapon. This is what the strong have left behind. Once it recovers, who will fight for it?
Moreover, if Zongmen make a comeback, how can they not learn from the lessons of the former God-sealing War? Even if they are mixed with Chu, I am afraid that the first thing Zongmen should do is to control the Han State.
Moreover, Ning Caichen has a deeper concern that the past experience of beheading the past remains in his heart. He is not sure whether it is really the future. He is not sure, but he has to guard against the fact that there is also a continent on the west side of the sea, and even China has fallen … Everything is unknown, but even the slightest possibility, he should be careful about the pictures he has experienced because of beheading the past. He doesn’t want to experience it personally. Even if he climbs to the top of the independent avenue, he can really ruin the world and sit alone forever!
Ning Caichen has a little vigilance in his heart, but it is also buried in his heart because he knows that it is too far away to think about it now. Only by taking a step at a time can the world follow the only unchanging truth-strength!
If you have vertical and horizontal strength and fear him!
"If Liu Bang and Zongmen are really mixed up, maybe they can win over Han Xin and Zhang Liang!"
There was a bright light in his eyes. If Han Guozhen was mixed up with Zongmen, Ning Caichen couldn’t stop it. It is estimated that it has become a foregone conclusion now that the ending method is reversed. He has reason to believe that if Han Guozhen was mixed up with Zongmen, I’m afraid it was Liu Bang himself and some people. It doesn’t mean that everyone in the Han Dynasty agreed that the Zongmen king had been fighting endlessly throughout the ages. The imperial court and Zongmen had a kind of hostility and conflict with each other. Although he had never seen Zhang Liang and Han Xin, he felt that most of these two people would not want to be involved in Zongmen Wu, but Lv Zhi and others were a vicious woman with
The night palace Lanting Pavilion is full of lights and songs and dances. It is very lively here. It has been more than a year since the establishment of the State of Jin. However, it is the first time that Ning Caichen has held any banquet like this. Almost all the court ministers of Yedu have come. There are two rows of seats on both sides. There is a piece of land in which some dancers and singers sing and dance. At this time, Ning Caichen has not come, but it is already lively here.
"Chen suggestion and congratulations on winning the Yuan God’s throne. Since then, the State of Jin will add another master …"
"Congratulations on Zhuge Prime Minister’s efforts to make breakthroughs and further master all day …"
"Marvin met Mr. Fan Zeng and asked his name. It’s a great luck to see him today …"
"Today, Chen Yushi and Zhuge Prime Minister both broke through, and Mr. Fan Ceng joined me in the state of Jin, and my strength in the state of Jin went up a storey still higher. This is a triple happiness."
"Mr. Ji …" "Mr. Cai …" "Met Mr. Wei Zhaung …" "Brother Boyuan!" "General Lu …" "General Zhao …"
It’s very lively here. Almost all the ministers of the State of Jin came. Jiyuan, Zhuge Liang, Chen Gong, Ji Xuan, Lu Bu, Zhao Yun, Xiao Teng and others all came. Cai Yong also came. It’s just that Wei Zhaung, which has always disliked crowds, also came. Many ministers greeted Wei Zhaung, Jiyuan and others, especially Chen Gong, Zhuge Liang and Fan Zeng. Everyone knows that these three people are the protagonists today.
Chen Gong and Zhuge Liang don’t say that Chen Gong is an ancient scholar and Zhuge Liang is a prime minister. Both of them rank in the three ranks of the State of Jin, and now both of them have broken through Chen Gong’s claim that Zhuge Liang, the great friar of Yuan God, is even more powerful. Once they break through the realm of Yuan God, they can’t be measured by ordinary people. Even if they don’t have an official position, they are the most distinguished group of people. Naturally, Chen Gong and Zhuge Liang have become the focus of the field, and Ji Yuan, Xiao Teng, Zhao Yun and Lu Bu have all congratulated them.
In addition to Chen Gong and Zhuge Liang and Fan Zeng, it has also become the focus of the field. Everyone knows that today, Fan Zeng is a native of the State of Jin, who was once the prime minister of Chu. Although there are not many people who really know Fan Zeng’s specific strength, everyone knows that Fan Zeng is a great friar of Yuan God, and that Xinli of Chu was a first-class great friar of Yuan God a hundred years ago. This is definitely a superb master in the world. People respect him for this strength, and they all know that Ning Caichen also attaches great importance to Fan Zeng, Ning Caichen and love is famous!
Meritorious is a lift!
These calls have become a recognized trend in Ning Caichen, and they are also praised by people. Many people greeted Fan Zeng before. They knew that after tonight, the status of the State of Jin in Fan Zeng was mostly important, and they wanted to introduce a good relationship first, even if it was to leave an impression.
"Mr Fan!" Cai Yong walked up to Fan Zeng and said hello, "I never thought that Mr. Chu would meet again today. It’s really hard to meet in life."
"Cai everyone!" Fan Zeng looked up and saw a different color in Cai Yong’s eyes. There is also a big name in the Jiangnan area of Cai Yong. Although it is not a great scholar, it is also a literary man. The Cai family has always been a fragrant family and a famous family in Jiangnan. He didn’t expect to meet Cai Yong here, but he still took a different color in his eyes. "I didn’t expect Cai to come to Jin."
"Jin Wang Bi Rende Shengcai also wants to find a stable place …" Cai Yong smiled. "Isn’t Mr. Fan also here?"
"Meeting each other is the fate of Mr. Cai Mojing!" Mining towards Fan Zeng raised his glass.
"Please …" "Please!"
Two people drink a mouthful of glasses to each other.
Chapter 461 conferring Fan Zeng.
"Mr. Fan, enjoy your drink. I’ll go there for a walk." "Go ahead!"
After talking with Fan Zeng, Cai Yong said goodbye and walked in the direction of Zhuge Liang, Chen Gong and others. Fan Zeng reached out politely and made a casual gesture. He could see that Cai Yong was keen on communication and intended to broaden his interpersonal relationship. Chen Gong, Zhuge Liang, Xiao Teng, Lu Bu and Zhao Yun, the important generals of Jin State, were all goals of Cai Yong and he himself was also the goal of Cai Yong.
However, although Fan Zeng knew clearly in his heart, he didn’t say anything. He didn’t dislike these things. He was also experienced in politics and officialdom. He had already seen through these things, and everyone was in the market. Who is not interested? Even if some of them are really intersecting, who can say that there is no mixed interest?
Ning Caichen hasn’t come yet, but the scene is already very lively. Many officials push each other for a change and greet each other, and no one gives anyone a cold face on purpose, which makes them look like laughter.
"Come on!" "Your ladies are here!"
Xiao Li, a eunuch, walked to the center of the venue, tearing some sharp voices. As his words fell, the scene became quiet. With the rustling sound, many ministers also returned to their seats. Then Ning Caichen was dressed in white with Bai Susu, Nie Xiaoqian, Charming Ji, Chen Yuanyuan, Yongle, Gao Lan, Lin Xuelian, Gan Yuying, Yang Ruyu, Yunyao, Bai Xue and others.
Seeing three women, Zhao Linger and Xiao Mei, many ministers’ eyes are slightly changed, such as Ms. Susu, etc. It’s okay. After all, it’s their Princess of Jin, but Zhao Linger, Yueyue and Xiao Mei are not, and Xiao Mei’s identity is still a little sensitive. The former queen Yongle’s biological mother is also here now, but everyone is smart and doesn’t say anything. Even if Ning Caichen really killed Xiao Mei, they won’t say anything. After all, this kind of thing is common in this society in the royal family, and the most important thing is that the world is generally male chauvinism.
This situation may change slowly, but it will not happen overnight.
Ning Caichen took Bai Susu and others to the chairman of the Central Committee and sat down with Snow White in a white princess dress, holding Ning Caichen’s left hand like a small tail and hanging Ning Caichen’s side. At this time, although Snow White was only eleven years old, she suddenly fell off and became a beautiful young girl, somewhat like Bai Susu …
"Visit me!" "Meet the ladies!" "Meet the princess!"
See Ning Caichen and others come out to sit Zhuge Liang, Chen Gong, Wei Zhaung, Jiyuan, Lu Bu and other important figures in the state of Jin, and take the lead in joining others to salute Ning Caichen and Bai Susu.
"Let’s all sit down. Today’s banquet is just an ordinary party. We will ignore the complicated etiquette on weekdays."
Ning Caichen waved and laughed and sat next to the chairman, and Bai Susu and others also sat down more.
"thank you!"