"Bald donkey, this is the violet. I’m afraid you can’t pick it up!"
Su Mo drank a lot, and the eyebrows flashed, and a green and crystal clear plant emerged, like an emerald violet!
There are not only lotus stands but also lotus stems and leaves!
Complete form of creation violet!
Chapter one thousand and twenty-five Monty sickle
Others didn’t feel much when they saw this violet, but the monk was shocked!
The growth of violet in this form means that it has reached maturity!
In the ancient books of Buddhism, Xiang Qinglian won six times of heaven and earth, and reached the sixth stage of maturity. In addition to the surge in power, there will be many mysteries!
From ancient times to the present, the ancient Buddha emperor gave birth to the imperial weapon of Violet with great wisdom, great opportunity and great perseverance!
Since then, no one has even bred seven violet.
In this issue, someone once gave birth to Liuqinglian.
However, Nature Violet needs Yuan God to nourish and nurture these monks. Because of the slow progress in the cultivation of Nature Violet, Shou Yuan finally ran out and stopped at the law!
In front of me, the friar is more than one hundred years old, but he gave birth to six!
"It’s terrible!"
The idea flashed through the monk’s mind
At the age of more than one hundred, I practiced to return to the virtual realm. Tianjiao has been around for a long time.
But at the age of more than 100, when you step into the void, you can also breed the violet into the six realms. This is terrible!
Hard to imagine!
Back to the virtual realm of Shou Yuan for five thousand years.
People who are over 100 years old and return to the virtual road are too young!
At present, when this young man has enough time, he will breed the violet and let it enter another level or two!
At that time, the seven-creature violet will reappear in the world!
The whole famine will shake!
I feel a shudder at the thought of these monks!
Never let this man rise!
You must take away the violet that was strangled here!
Flint-stone monk flashed all thoughts in his mind, but he didn’t stop bleeding manually, holding a wooden fish in his left hand and a mallet in his right hand and smashing it head-on towards Su Mo!
At this time, Taoist plough’s double knives came first!
Two rounds of cold, full moon, all over the sky, the stars are shrouded in sharp murder, coming to Su Mo’s head!
Sue ink head also won’t two fingers together condensed out a sword tactic toward a chop gently behind him!
A blazing and dazzling sword light generate murderous!
If these two full moons exude pitfalls as rivers, then this firm but gentle generate exudes pitfalls as far as the eye can see!
It’ s a murder, and it’ s easy to stay!
The stars in the sky are all over the sky, and this murderous road is in chaos, colliding with each other and turning into a series of streamers falling in succession.
Without the support of starlight, two full moons were cut in half by this firm but gentle way, and instantly disintegrated!
The white firm but gentle still hasn’t dissipated, and it’s beheaded towards Taoist plough!
"It’s this shock wave again!"
Road flyover plough was frightened.
Before the meeting, his spell was cut to pieces by this firm but gentle way
Su Mo stepped into the virtual environment and the power of this firm but gentle became stronger!
Road flyover plough didn’t dare to cut out a heavy knife and wanted to erase this firm but gentle way.
As a result, his offensive against Soviet Mexico appeared a little stagnation, posing a real threat.
Su Mo cut out the heavenly sword tactic, and then in the process of changing again, a series of dark roads emerged, such as ink, magic gas, cold and biting!
This magic gas looks more pure and concise than the magic gas of the road flyover!