A round of more than 100 lead bullets is not many, but these lead bullets bite the meat. Without a shot, a whole row of musketeers with more than 60 people in the Han flag fell down on the front wall.
Facing the long-lost results in front of me, Xie Hui’s tight face finally gave me a smile
Then with a full face of excitement, he shouted, "Shoot and keep shooting. Kill as many of these musketeers as possible before they disperse …"
Although the opportunity is precious, it can’t last long.
After three rounds of lead bullets shot and killed 200 people in succession, the musketeers got together and finally found that it was not good and quickly dispersed.
But even so, every round of lead shot fired by the Tiger and Leopard Army can still cause 30 fewer casualties to these musketeers.
Many a mickle makes a mickle. When they rushed into the range of the old musket, they still paid the price of almost 200 casualties.
At this time, there were more than 500 musketeers left in the battlefield, just like suddenly finding the vent target in anger, raising the musketeers and pulling the trigger at the tiger and leopard army dozens of steps away without hesitation.
Instantly hundreds of lead bullets with death breath flew out of the barrel and flew to the tiger and leopard army.
However, compared with the results achieved by Hanqi in the first attack, this time it is very few.
There is one reason, that is, a breast wall is built to block all kinds of bodies in front of the tiger and leopard army.
The lead shot from the Tatar Musketeers can’t hurt the Tiger and Leopard Army hiding behind the breast wall, but the Tiger and Leopard Army can easily kill the Tatar Musketeers by shooting lead shots.
In comparison, the tiger and leopard troops attacked were as if they had taken a tranquilizer, and they ignored the lead shot from the Tartars. Not only that, they also shot the lead shot forward at an unprecedented speed.
In this case, more than 500 Tatar Musketeers have to pay a very heavy price for almost every step forward, and there is still no loss in defending the tiger and leopard army to its current position.
After paying more than 100 people’s losses again, the Tatar Musketeers finally rushed into the Grenade killing range against the lead bullet.
Faced with the limited strength of the enemy in close proximity, the Tiger and Leopard Army had to separate a pair of musketeers to bomb.
At this time, the problem of insufficient strength of the Tiger and Leopard Army was completely revealed
After the musketeers were separated for dropping bombs, they kept falling to the ground. Although the rain of grenades was as dense as just attacking, the remaining musketeers shot a lot less lead bullets.
Plus, there are more than 400 Tatar Musketeers at this time, far more than one round of attack.
In the end, more than 100 musketeers broke through grenades and appeared in front of the Tiger and Leopard Army.
His face just showed a smile for the rest of his life. More than 100 musketeers did not attack directly in the face of the Tiger and Leopard Army, but continued to meet the Tiger and Leopard Army’s shot lead and his body around the Tiger and Leopard Army’s position to clear a passage for the follow-up Tatar fighters to mix nails everywhere.
Not only that, but also some musketeers hide directly behind the breast wall and destroy it. The breast wall opens a gap that allows cavalry to quickly pass through.
Faced with this situation, the teacher Xie Hui’s mouth was not idle when he shocked these traitors in the battlefield.
Being in control of the whole battle, he is very aware of the importance of this breast wall in the face of insufficient troops.
It can be said that with this parapet and sabre behind it, you can get at least a hundred tartars, so that your hope of winning in this fight will increase a lot.
But if the parapet is destroyed, more than 100 damn charge cavalry will rush into their own positions.
As a result, the troops will be very insufficient, and they will have to face more Tatar cavalry. At this time, I didn’t say early that the odds might not be won in a row.
Chapter five hundred and sixty-nine A crushing victory
Shocked by Yu Xie Hui regardless of the head constantly falling arrows roar a way
"Musketeers shoot horses … the bombers throw grenades and kill these fucking traitors. We must not let them destroy our breast wall or we will all die …"
People’s potential is limited. In Xie Hui’s command, everyone feels that death seems to be approaching them slowly.
In order to live in the battlefield, the tiger and leopard army directly turned into a hair, and the angry lion shot the lead bullet in the gun barrel as quickly as possible. What’s more, he directly held the Grenade and rushed to the breast wall with the musketeers, and the Grenade exploded directly …
With a series of violent explosions, more than 100 Tatar musketeers rang out on the breast wall, but they failed to please be wiped out in the end.
The life and death breast wall of the Tiger and Leopard Army is still intact except for a small amount of damage.
Xie Hui clenched his fist and just sent it away. He couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief and roared at the same time. The Tatar cavalry just rushed to the front of the position to kill the Grenade.
Mortar continuous attack on Tatar cavalry lost little, but hundreds of steps of charging distance still cost him almost a hundred fighters
Although the rain of tiger and leopard hand grenades can bring fatal blows to the Tatar musketeers, it is very small for the fast charge cavalry. After all, the lethality of hand grenades is far less than that of later generations, unless they directly hit the steeds and explode, the fragments generated by the explosion of hand grenades can’t bring fatal injuries to the Tatar hip steeds.
When 500 cavalry on each road successfully broke through the Grenade interception of the Tiger and Leopard Army, there were still 300 Tatar cavalry on each side of the Tiger and Leopard Army.
In addition, the stirrups around the position have been destroyed, and Xie Hui can pin his hopes on the breast wall in front of him. If this breast wall can’t kill the Tatar cavalry and let more than 1,000 Tatars rush into the battlefield, then these more than 1,000 Tatar cavalry are absolutely fatal to the soldiers.
After successfully crossing the obstacle zone formed by mixing horse nails, the height is only five feet. After the body is piled up, the breast wall appears directly in front of the Tatar cavalry. Because there is no sight of the two rows of sabres behind the hidden breast wall of the Tiger and Leopard Army, it seems that they have won and can easily rush into the Tiger and Leopard Army position and kill the four sides. After the Tatar, they did not look at the breast wall in front of them.
Without thinking about it, the Tatar cavalry rushed ahead to urge the hip horse to prepare for the charge speed to cross the breast wall in front of him, and then try to enter the position of the Tiger and Leopard Army to show the powerful impact and combat effectiveness of the late Jin fighters to the Tiger and Leopard Army.