Yan Beichen said, "Let Mo go by himself. This trip to the ancient temple in the early days is estimated to disturb many super-clan tianjiao ubers, and it is easy to cause him trouble if you go."
Qin nodded naturally.
She is a monk of Jianzong, and now she is famous for her magic door shura. I’m afraid Jianzong would have expelled her from the Zongmen long ago and regarded her as a traitor of Xianmen Jianzong shame!
If you meet an old friend of Jianzong, the two sides are likely to face each other.
On second thought, Qin suddenly broke the idea, got up and made a deep bow to Su Mo and said sincerely, "Thank you for your ink!"
"Sister Qin is welcome."
Su Mo hurriedly lifted her up.
Qin Pianran laughed. "I can’t help you. During this time, I will make you a few side dishes every day for you to taste."
Next to Yan Beichen, I couldn’t help admiring that "the skill is really good, and I will follow it."
By uniting to their level, they have already reached the realm of qi Bigu.
Even immortals have a desire for words.
After a month, Su Mo lived in this bamboo forest to retreat.
Finally, a month later, I felt a breakthrough opportunity!
Chapter one thousand two hundred and fifty-four The cat was revealed
This time, it took only six years from the initial stage of the legal situation to the middle stage of the legal situation.
This practice speed is amazing!
You know, the later you practice, the longer it takes and energy to break through a small realm.
Don’t look at it from the early stage to the middle stage, it is normal for some dharmas to spend hundreds of years or even thousands of years!
On the one hand, Su Mo-neng’s breakthrough to the mid-French realm in six years was due to his precipitation and accumulation in the past five thousand years.
On the other hand, it’s the battle from hating Daojun!
This war brought Su Mo not only many feelings, but also great pressure.
His three laws of heaven and earth were almost suppressed by the law of nine zhangs, and this pressure grew rapidly and became more concise!
Break through to the middle of the legal situation, and everything will come naturally.
And his three laws of heaven and earth have all climbed to the height of Zhang Qi!
The previous laws topped the list, and the Heaven and Earth laws were just at this level.
Although the immortal sword Dao Jun Tian Di Fa is Zhang Jiu, it was a statue of Zhang Wu Tian Di Fa when he became the top of the Fa.
Su Mo’s current combat power is enough to sweep the same order and suppress all Dao Jun!
Even the average fit is no match for him.
Of course, it is unknown whether Su Mo can be defeated by some fit-in-place Tianjiao Uber, especially the super-clan fit-in-force.