"ZiYan right ancient this ghost to contain the whole underworld is under the jurisdiction of the fairy court let’s say this is the Lord …"
Say "Baiyun Tower will no longer converge" and "Qi Qi will move forward two steps and step on Lang" and "Xian Jun will not show up to meet you as soon as he arrives".
The foot-shaped shock wave scattered with the breath of the mighty fairy king, and the small world of silent ghosts seemed to wake up
There was a rustling sound all around, followed by a creaking sound.
Metamorphoses, around the small topped have leaned out of the new bones, and several quick moves have completely climbed out of the shape, without saying anything, and directly waved the osteotome in his hand to cut it to the white big head.
What is the situation …
Baiyun Tower is also some language body Zhou Jianyu’s exhibition will come to a few bones and hit the broken heart strangely.
Just now, when you look at these small earthen bags, you can see clearly that they are scattered bones and fragments, and the ghosts that fall asleep are connected with each other.
I don’t want these ghosts to control the bones around me after waking up.
These ghosts who escaped from the seal and hid in the skeleton skull are more flexible than the bone knife, and the power of bringing evil wind is not weak.
Let Baiyun Tower quite say that these bones and ghosts don’t seem to have any fairy light at all, and they also rushed at the three people with a kind of fierce and fearless intention of death.
Sword domain circled and moved to block the dense bones and ghosts several feet away.
Although these ghosts have increased a lot by virtue of their geographical location and the strength of the bones and bodies, they are not enough to see compared with today’s White Big Head.
I don’t even care about your breath. It seems that you are all ghosts who have lost your mind …
Baiyun Tower is preparing to sweep the cave with the sword of the Imperial Department, but it sees a light coming out from the side and smashing all the bones and ghosts in Fiona Fang to the ground.
A figure also came out with the disease, holding a green vine whip, and Lei Guang’s brilliant whip shadow set off a bone dust
Xiao Chaoyang!
Just now, I was timid and retreated to Chaoyang, but now I will kill the bones and ghosts and fight back.
Seeing Xiao Chaoyang coming, Baiyun Building simply put away sword domain’s appreciation and casually asked, "Ziyan, have you ever had fear to help?"
"Fear helps … it should be the Tao’s mind’s kind of magic that suddenly and violently attacked. At that time, all the magic souls were trapped in the Xuan Bing ball because they knew the sea. I didn’t know my mother’s life and death during that time. It was really a fear that helped …"
Ziyan Rou said the past and suddenly said, "It was really thanks to my brother who arrived with the sunrise that night."
Upon hearing this, Baiyunlou frowned and thought for a moment, then said with emotion, "Alas, the memory of that night was too vague and almost no impression …"
Fuzzy … Ziyan’s mind suddenly moved, and the memory of that night was included in Brother’s sword.
So …
Just then suddenly a muffled thunder sounded in the distance, and all the bones were ordered at once, and then they scattered themselves, and the gray ghost was revealed and fled to the distance.
Just now, sword domain and Lei Guang smashed the bones and re-condensed the ghost incarnations, which should go with them.
"This is not a fight?" Zhao-yang Xia will flicker back to his senior brother as if he had not enjoyed himself yet.
"Chaoyang, you …" Baiyun Tower curiously looked at the difference from the eyebrows of the school sister.
Xia Chaoyang, who recognized the brother’s question, smiled and said, "Brother just saw these ghosts collide with him … and suddenly he was afraid of these bones."
"Those ghost stories in Chaoyang … are not afraid?" Tried Baiyun Lou asked 1.
"Ghost story … when I looked up before, I imagined that the evil spirits should be ugly and horrible. At first sight today, it’s just some white bone frames that seem to be able to disassemble themselves. It looks interesting …"
Hearing what the school sister said, Baiyun Building was secretly relieved and immediately greeted the two school sisters. "It seems that the ghost king is waiting for us in front. Let’s go and meet."
"However, according to the message left by Empress Xianhou, this virtual belly ghost king is tyrannical and extremely suspicious. We can’t show our eagerness and go slow, so we can take this opportunity to find out the truth by the way."
Then the three people chatted all the way on the surface, but in fact they found out the abnormality of this small world of ghosts.
After the tea ceremony, Baiyunlou turned to ask, "Ziyan, your skill is very suitable for this machine. Can you find anything?"
Ziyan nodded softly and replied, "I really found something. I think I should also hide it from my brother’s eyes … This small world of ghosts should imitate the development of the underworld, but it is far from it. At the end of the day, it should be nothing more than a small world of mysterious yin and qi."
"Cave … and here is what is unknown. It turned out to be a cave in the human world." Xia Chaoyang muttered and opened his eyes and looked around, but he didn’t see anything unusual. At that time, he was a little depressed.
"Sister Ziyan, am I too stupid? I’m not weak, but I can’t see it …"
Chapter one thousand sixty-four Xuan Bing magic weapon
Hearing Xiao Chaoyang’s colorful words, I couldn’t help patting her arms with a curved mouth. "Our Chaoyang is not stupid, but I found the wrong direction, sister. I also see clues from these dead trees."
"Dead trees are full of vitality and aura …" In the middle of the words, Xia Chaoyang suddenly woke up and turned to the master elder brother and asked, "What is the light flow rate at this time, brother?"
"Just now, I’ve been thinking about people for three days," Baiyun Building replied casually, and then I watched the Chaoyang pool with great interest.
"So this is like the Kunlun celestial seal for ten thousand years and these dead trees are obviously not derived from this ten thousand years …"
"That is to say, this was originally a paradise in the human world, and it was temporarily turned into a ghost land by the celestial court."
Xia Chaoyang said here that he was puzzled and asked, "Although the martial sister Xuan Yin Qi is extraordinary, it is hard to make these dead trees immortal after ten thousand years."
Oriental Ziyan raised her hand to fold a dead branch and nodded slightly and said, "It’s normal if the human world is naturally difficult to resist corruption, but this mysterious Yin qi is pure and full of ordinary qi."
"These days, I have studied extensively and learned something about Xuanyin’s Xuan Bing Tao. Xuan Bing’s true intention is a static word and Xuanyin … is immortal."
"Immortality … sounds very powerful." Zhao-yang Xia lifted up her face and sighed.
Ziyan shook his head and answered, "Immortality is not immortality, just like this dead branch …"
A shock wave pops up at your fingertips and instantly shatters the dead branches.
The air-breathing machine floats around with dead branches and debris, and a ray of flame flashes and will burn ashes in an instant.
"Or, like that ghost, it can grow up even though it is weak."
Hearing this, Xia Chaoyang sighed, "So immortal, forget it."
The road ahead is full of fog and fog, and the shadow has lost interest in Xuan Yin Qi. The more Xia Chaoyang walks, the more sleepy he is.
Ziyan suddenly saw an idea in her eyes when her eyes lit up to the pool in Chaoyang.
Mind absentminded Xia Chaoyang suddenly heard this remark and his eyes got wide and round. Where is the slightest drowsiness? The eyebrows slowly poured out a trace of joy and whispered, "The teacher elder sister’s remark … makes sense."
"What’s right …" Baiyun Building turned to ask 1 curiously.
"Nothing, nothing …" Xia Chaoyang even denied it with a smile, and then his eyes turned round and round and answered, "Private words with the teacher elder sister …"
"Oh …"
A feeling of tightness in the back to a look at the eyes smart Younger Baiyun Building more and more curious.
Private words … Is there anything I can’t listen to …
Even so, I didn’t think about the Baiyun Tower, but raised my hand at the corner of my mouth and took a group of mysterious and gloomy thoughts from a small puddle passing by.
This is an immortal true water. Before the Baiyun Tower, I also wanted to derive the true water by knowing the sea, but I didn’t want to be extremely successful.
Even if you compress and condense a little by your powerful spiritual strength, it is extremely difficult to protect a little relaxation. This mysterious and true water will be scattered and scattered, let alone contaminated with every gas.
However, this small world of ghosts can naturally condense the mysterious and true water, which should have a great connection with the environmental rules.