With that, the inspiration was too great to give the pig bodhi old zu a chance to speak. With a long gun and a single shot, he stirred up the poor vortex and floated with the waves. The pig bodhi old zu steadied himself and raised his rake to greet him, while Sha Wujing was in the mighty water wave. If the boat could not meet itself in the wind and rain, it had already been defeated first.
Chapter 1666 Borrow a purple, gold and red gourd
"The master elder brother’s inspiration is too good to be born. The second brother was caught by the inspiration." Sha Wujing was in a mess and rushed out of the water and landed with a pair of eyes anxiously watching Wu.
Wu Wenwen suddenly froze. "That fool is a first-class player even if he can’t beat the inspiration and escape too much. How can he be caught?"
Sha Wujing wry smile "this water is too home for inspiration. The bigger the river is, the stronger the increase in strength will be. If it is the Tongtian River, if it enters the East China Sea, the whole East China Sea will be blessed with non-realm. Even if it is not inspired, we will take the inspiration too much because it does not occupy the geographical advantage."
Wu Wenwen grabbed his head and ran back and forth, and then paused. "This matter is no small matter. If the inspiration is too wide, it will be difficult to find it again. Maybe the master’s ashes will be gone by then. You can go to the Bodhisattva and my old grandson and stare at the inspiration for the time being. Don’t call this inspiration too out of shape."
Say that finish after enlightenment instantly a loach into the tongtian river.
Watching Wu go far, Sha Wujing arranged a garment unlined upper garment and drove Yuntou to Lingshan Da Lei Yin Temple.
Lingshan Da Lei Yin Temple Middle School
Sun Chi is preaching Buddhism in his eyes.
"there is nothing in it, there is nothing in it, there is something in it"
Sun Chi’s lecture was so fascinating that he suddenly saw that Sun Chi stopped his eyes and looked outside the Da Lei Yin Temple and turned to Bing Qin’s "Guanyin Bodhisattva".
"Brother" Guanyin stepped forward with a ceremony.
"I didn’t expect that there was a water demon chaos in the Tongtian River. The inspiration was so incredibly released by the East China Sea that I didn’t know what the idea was." Sun Equator
Ice ooze smell speech frown "Buddha inspiration is too strong to fall, but it is not appropriate now that you have arrived at Lingshan foot and don’t send the strong in Jinshan Temple to suppress the inspiration. In Jinshan Temple, there were wonderful teachers who left different treasures to suppress the ambush inspiration."
Sun Chi heard the words and shook his head. "A Buddhist relic has been lost in Jinshan Temple, and the whole clan is in a panic. Where can I sometimes pay attention to things in Tongtian River?"
"Is the Buddhist relic lost?" Bing Qin suddenly froze when he heard this. "I don’t know who is the Buddha’s bone relic?"
Sun Chiwen said with a sigh, "Don’t say, don’t say, you went to the third heaven to ask for an audience with the old gentleman. Borrowing purple, gold and red gourds will definitely make the inspiration too much. This inspiration is too dependent on my Buddhism. Today, I have to teach the East China Sea a lesson."
Ice ooze smell speech nodded and turned into golden light, just touching the oncoming Sha Wujing, stopping to dodge the light and realizing the net. Ice ooze said, "Needless to say, the seat has been known by all departments, and go to the Tongtian River to take care of your master and brother, and take a walk in the 33rd heavy day."
The three treasures of the old gentleman in the heavens and the earth have been released.
Seven-star sword, trapped fairy rope and purple, gold and red gourd with unknown efficacy.
Boarding the 33rd Heavenly Ice, Qin walked into the Pocket Palace and just saw Ling Yutong’s dusty face holding a tray with a burnt smell. Dan Yao muttered, "It’s strange that something is wrong to refine according to Lao Jun’s prescription but blow up the furnace. Didn’t I wash the furnace clean?"