Even Master Zhu, who has always been cold-faced, has shown his love for himself …
Aunt Zhu thought they were sympathetic to their forged "life story", but now it seems that the point is that they have long recognized their performance.
[What is his uncle? 】
Can’t help but look behind her uncle, Aunt Zhu. Although she has never turned this servant who accompanied her to grow up into an outsider, she never thought that the other party actually had her own blood.
Since he is a blood relative of Master Zhu, why does Uncle Zhu pretend to be a servant of the Zhu family for decades?
"So that’s it."
Gently nodded Pei Wende didn’t continue to ask what, but strolled down the main entrance of the ancestral temple and began to look at Master Zhu leaning against the door frame.
To tell the truth, it’s hard for normal people to see that this is a corpse if they don’t know in advance that Master Zhu has passed away.
Because master Zhu’s expression is really too peaceful, and there is a smile on his mouth, which is like sleeping and dreaming.
"It looks like a natural death …"
Low PeiWenDe stretched out his hand and touched the master zhu neck.
"But this corpse cools too fast. It doesn’t look like it’s only been dead for a few hours."
Pei Wende is not serious, but he has studied medical skills and seen many ways to die, but he knows that a normal death can never make the body cool so quickly.
"The limbs have become stiff and there are obvious solidified corpse spots, and they have been dead for at least one day."
Speaking of his own analysis and judgment, Pei Wende’s eyes stayed between the eyes of Master Zhu for a long time.
"It’s impossible! My dad talked to us during the day! "
Shaking his head denied Pei Wende’s judgment that Zhu Run believed what he had seen with his own eyes.
"I didn’t say you saw a ghost in broad daylight. I said it was strange that your father died."
Slowly take back your right hand and get up again, Pei Wende said
"Normal people have seven orifices. After death, vitality and soul will flow out through the seven orifices and eventually fall into a state of complete death."
"And according to the specific situation, the speed of vitality and soul disappearance will be different."
"It takes a few hours to speed up, and it will take three or five days for the soul of the dead to leave his body completely."
"In order to ensure that the dead are not suspended animation, we usually wait for the ghost to pick up their souls for seven days."
Explained the reason for the "seven-day wake" to the Zhu family in detail. See Pei Wende narrowed his eyes and continued
"But Master Zhu is different. His soul has already left his body."
As if to prove his own words, Pei Wende suddenly reached out to Master Zhu again, and this time his goal was the eyebrows of the other party.
"There’s something that Master Zhu has opened a hole for him outside the seven orifices."
They watched in horror as Pei Wende pulled out a slender steel needle from Master Zhu’s eyebrows.
"This is Yintang point, which is the’ out-of-body point’ next to the top of the skull."
"Once the Yintang point is broken, it means that Linghui’s spirit is damaged …"
"It is a fool to live like this, and it is doomed to be bullied by its evil spirits."
Only from this point of view, the hand has a deep hatred for affirmation, which will make him restless even after death.
"Who is it? ! Who is so vicious? Even after death, I don’t let go! "
This is no longer Zhu Run, but Aunt Zhu, who has been unable to suppress her anger in her heart.
"I don’t know who it is yet, but I can be sure that the hand is not a person."
The destruction of Yintang point will damage the soul, but it will make Master Zhu’s body cool so quickly.
There is another reason behind the coolness of Master Zhu’s body.
"Master Zhu’s hand is an evil ghost."
The calm voice is full of faith, which means that Pei Wende has been familiar with the resentment of evil spirits for so many years.
And judging from the residual resentment of Master Zhu’s body, it seems that the evil spirits are not ordinary evil spirits.