"Mom, where did all these things come from?"
Chen Hehe laughed. "These are all birthday gifts for our family."
Yue-e Li, ah-who sent this? Such a big hand
"Well, come and move first. I’m afraid whose house will get up. Come and see it from our door for a while, pick and choose in the yard, and then we’ll tidy it up. We can see everything at this low wall."
Chen kept talking manually, mainly because there were so many things outside.
Yue-e Li also remembered that there was a peeping sister-in-law living next door. Anyway, it was right to listen to her mother-in-law, so several people concentrated on moving.
It took three people almost half an hour to finish moving, and the yard was piled up for many days, and it slowly lit up.
Even Chen is a little silly. There are too many of these things
And this fish, she has never seen such a big fish, not to mention all kinds of rare dried fruits, chickens with tied legs, a cage of live rabbits and half a fan of chopped pork and half a fan of mutton.
Chen Yougang and Yue-e Li just froze in place.
Or did Chen Yougang react first, "What should I do, Empress?" He rubbed his face and always felt that he was dreaming.
"Let’s move all the meat into the hall first, and all the fruits into the hall first. Well, let’s move into the house first. You two don’t have to work this afternoon. Let’s divide these things well at home." Chen said, and he started to do it with great courage
Chen Yougang wiped his face again.
When a few people are busy, it will be about 10 o’clock. It will be dawn and night in winter.
Several children at home are also up.
Chen Shaoer first dressed himself and went to the toilet. He was still confused when he saw grandma and his second uncle in the hall, and he ran over.
"Grandma, I’m hungry. Have you cooked yet?" Chen Shaoer is thinking about eating delicious food. Today is Yuanyuan’s birthday.
Chen directly picked a grape, rubbed it a little and stuffed it into his mouth.
Chen Shaoer was instantly awakened by the ice.
"Milk … milk is cool and sweet."
Chen rubbed his head. "You go and wake up your brother and success. You have to learn after dinner."
Chen Shaoer just looked at the table and put his eyes out.
"Milk … this, this, how so much delicious?" He said and swallowed.
Chen stared his one eye "promise to go"
Chen Shaoer ran away as soon as he got away.
"Second daughter-in-law, why don’t you make breakfast and let some children eat it? Go to class quickly and don’t be late."
Chen told her that breakfast was better cooked and cooked. Yesterday, she baked a big cake, then scrambled an egg and cooked some salted duck eggs. Anyway, the Chen family has never lacked eggs and ducks to eat in recent years
Yue-e Li agreed and knitted up her sleeves and went to work.
"Take something and cover all these things first. Let’s have breakfast." Turn around and tell Chen Yougang again.
Chen Yougang also hurried to find it.
Chen turned into Li Yuanyuan, still sleeping, and didn’t know what he had dreamed of in his dream. He pursed his mouth and kept bubbling to tuck her in and went out again.
Yuanyuan is really dreaming, and she doesn’t know where it is. Anyway, it’s very beautiful here. She unpacked the box, and the things inside are very beautiful, and there are luminous beads. She thinks that the second brother will definitely like it, which is much better than his marbles.
Chen also went to the kitchen to help.
Wait until several children are up.
Chen Shaoyuan poured hot water into everyone’s pots and watched them wash up quickly.
The rice was quickly cooked when the rural pot was on fire.
Chen first put them all out on the table to dissipate heat, and then took the pie to the basket and covered it with cold cloth.
"Hurry to eat in the hall, eat big cakes and vegetables first, and then you won’t burn if you get drunk, okay?" Chen courtyard shouted a.
Several children buzzed and went to the main room.
Chen remembered that Yuanyuan hadn’t got up yet and wiped her hands and turned into the room.
Yuanyuan is already awake, trying to dress herself and her little cotton-padded jacket is already on.
"Why don’t you call grandma? Grandma will wear it for you. "Chen used to touch the little cotton trousers. Is it cool and then rub them for her? Otherwise, it will be uncomfortable.
"I can wear it myself," Yuanyuan said, still holding Chen’s face and kissing her.
Chen straight joy "line to grandma put on pants for you, today your birthday at noon grandma cooked for you to eat".
Yuanyuan nodded immediately when she heard the delicious food. She just ate delicious food in her dream, but she woke up at the key moment. She felt that she was so greedy now that she was more greedy than her second brother.
Chen put on her pants before she led people out.
Chen Shaoer saw Yuanyuan getting up and was holding a bowl to drink.
"It’s nice to get up so early in winter."
Chen looked at him like that. "By the way, you are going to have the final exam soon, Chen Shaoer. If you don’t do well in the exam, be careful that your father will come back and beat you."
Chen Shaoer hurriedly hit a cold war. Why did he have to take the exam on such a beautiful day? He also pretended to shake his head and just saw Chen Chengcai who didn’t talk across the street
"I am the elder brother who should be the most anxious, hee hee hee."
Chen Chengcai snorted, grunted, and ignored Chen Shaoer.
Several children ate quickly and didn’t eat for a while. Chen Shaozhi was still eating slowly.
Chen washed his hands and face for Yuanyuan before leading him over.
Yue-e Li went to the kitchen again and brought the eggs cooked for her in the pot. Everyone at home would cook an egg alone for their birthday.
Yuanyuan nibbled at the eggs and drank half a bowl of gunk before she was full.
Chen took out the rabbit that had just been sent over and asked her to go aside to play.
Yuanyuan was really happy to see the rabbit.
Chen Yougang put this little rabbit together with the big rabbit after dinner.
"Yuanyuan, look at them and don’t let them fight. If they fight, you can call Erbo and I’ll come and Indiana for you." He said while teasing her.
Yuanyuan shook her head and said that "no, they don’t fight" was particularly serious.
Chen Yougang didn’t take it seriously and hurried into the house again.
Li Yuee went to the kitchen to wash the dishes.