"The tomb is not hidden next to a Miao village, and the pyramid-shaped mound is also open, but no one has been able to enter it for so many years. Whenever you go to the entrance of the tomb for ten meters, it will be blocked by a strange force," added the old man in Tang suit with a frown.
"Do you think what’s in there is worth 20 million?" I laughed. According to what the old man in Tang suit said, the ancient tomb was probably blocked by monks.
"Don’t tell lies in front of real people. My other two dragon-seeking experts made a bet to break this princess mausoleum. Yunnan, Gansu and Tibet provinces are the winners’ territory. Two groups of people are not allowed to enter." The old man in Tang suit thoughtfully told the truth for a moment.
"It is better for grave diggers to do less harm." I shook my head and said that the current national cultural relics protection policy is rescue excavation. Generally, they don’t take the initiative to dig the tombs of Zhan Dai, but they don’t dig grave robbers, dig and dig, and then they moved to the border area.
"What age is that princess grave?" King kong cannon interjected.
"According to what was found in the mausoleum, it should be the Northern and Southern Dynasties," replied the old man in Tang suit.
"There are no princesses in Yunnan in the Southern and Northern Dynasties. That’s bullshit." King Kong Bao heard the news and shook his head repeatedly. After we went back to the past, we lived in the historical document of King Kong Bao in the Southern and Northern Dynasties, and we knew quite well the history of that period.
"You can’t get into the mausoleum, can you? Why did you find something east again?" I asked frowning.
"Living things can’t get in, but people can get in. We analyzed what the robot hid from the base road and determined that it was the date product of the Southern and Northern Dynasties," explained the Tang Dynasty costume man.
"Tomb-raiding is high-tech." King Kong cannon laughed at the smell.
"What did the robot bring out from the inside?" I said and got up. I’m not going to go to this muddy water.
"This" Tang suit old man got up and took out a thing from her pocket and handed it to me.
As soon as I studied it, I suddenly frowned and looked up at the old man in Tang suit. "Let’s go now." The old man in Tang suit was shocked when he heard the news, but then he showed his smile and greeted his entourage.
"What’s the matter?" King Kong cannon leaned close to me and asked him in a low voice. Naturally, he knew that I suddenly decided that there must be a reason. I didn’t speak and raised my hand to hand him something.
"What’s wrong with this? Is small an arrow?" King Kong Gun is puzzled by dew.
"The ordinary arrow is a flat blade, and this is a three-pronged one. Don’t you feel familiar?" I took out my cigarette and lit it.
"Is it her?"
"Very likely" I nodded.
"When did she become a princess?" King Kong cannon frowned and asked
"It’s probably wrong." I turned to look at the old man in the Tang suit on the main staircase. "Brother, do you know the surnames of the villagers next to the mausoleum?"
"This ….." The old man in Tang suit turned to look at the middle-aged man who had never had a mouth.
"It seems that the surname is Xu," said the middle-aged Han, who wanted to think about speaking.
"Is there a Tibetan temple around there?" I speak again to confirm.
"There is a temple 60 miles southwest. How do you know?" The old man in Tang suit looked back in astonishment.
"Let’s go" I looked up and waved my hand, which verified my guess that the location of Adi Temple happened to be the abandoned ancient city where Qi Danyun lived and where I took Xuanyuan Sword.
Behind the building, everyone immediately drove west to celebrate the Chinese New Year. He came here to look for help, but he found me and King Kong Gun halfway.
All the way, the old man in Tang suit has been asking about our details. One set of King Kong cannons came back, but I sat in the co-pilot position. Beryllium eyebrows mused that the tomb was located in the hand of the ancient wilderness. I am too familiar with the arrow. Although it has given birth to green rust, the style is unique. It was this arrow that cut my palm in a thousand years. She has long since died.
At this time, there is still a doubt in my mind, that is, Xu Shuang’s clothing and aura are limited. How can there be an aura barrier to protect the mausoleum after her death? Who is the person who put up the barrier?
Everyone had worries, so they drove very fast all the way and arrived in Yunnan the next afternoon. They entered the county road from the provincial road and turned from the county road to the township road. Highway villages were built in Shan Ye. As time went by, the wildness was gone.
In the evening, everyone walked into the forest. There was a cottage not far from the forest. There were not many dozens of people walking through the village. The villagers were familiar with us. It was obvious that they were used to outsiders coming in and out, and they knew that they were going into the mountains. These people were aiming at the princess mausoleum that they could never get in.
"It’s been too long, and the blood relationship has been chaotic." King Kong Bao Duan Xiang said that the villagers can watch the blood relationship, but it’s too long and the blood relationship has been chaotic
I didn’t speak, and I also decided according to the location of the village that this was the place where the Xu people lived in those years. Soon after passing through the village, everyone came to the tomb outside the village. The tomb was built on the mountain and faced south, and there were 12 tomb-guarding beasts around it. It had been weathered for a long time, and the tunnel of the tomb was more than ten meters wide, which was indeed the first-class tomb specification of the princess.
Fifty meters in front of the tomb stands a stone tablet with a vague inscription, but the word Princess Dingwei is faintly visible. Fifty meters behind the ten thousand stone tablet is the half-tomb door. There are a lot of tree trunks and tomb-robbing tools scattered outside the tomb door. Most of these things have decayed with time. Some people have tried to enter the tomb in various ways, but in the end they failed.
"We can’t walk 20 meters in front of the tomb. We tried to tunnel in from other places, but we found that there were also invisible obstacles," said the middle-aged man next to the old man in Tang suit
"Is it always her grave?" King kong cannon ignored the man turned to me and asked
"Can’t you see who wrote the stone tablet?" I sigh
"You can’t see" King Kong cannon startled to answer.
"That’s Lin Yicheng’s handwriting." Xu Shuangyi, who was callous, once led his people out to fight in the Sui Dynasty, made great contributions to seal her princess and gave her a heavy burial after her death. It must be Lin Yicheng’s idea that the inscription should also be carved by craftsmen according to Lin Yicheng’s hand.
"Oh, Lim has done something serious." Said King Kong Cannon, bypassing the tombstone and heading for the tomb entrance. He stopped twenty meters away from the tomb door and touched it. He was suddenly bounced back and flew backwards rapidly. When I saw him, I quickly caught him.
"It’s a barrier, but it’s not our purple gas barrier. It’s a fairy barrier." After King Kong cannon landed, he mocked his arm with acid hemp, and a bunch of old people in Tang suit showed their consternation when they saw this.
"Is there anything wrong?" I turned to ask, although I didn’t have a good impression on these people, I was able to find them here smoothly, and they contributed a lot.
"We couldn’t get through without being knocked out." The old man in Tang suit looked at King Kong Gun doubtfully.
"The more Big bounce you have the ability, the greater you get, understand?" King Kong cannons stare at their eyes.
I heard that there are two kinds of anti-seismic intruder barriers, which rarely prevent intruders from entering the barrier, and will not produce anti-seismic effect from person to person.
"I’m older than you." King Kong Gun pointed to the tomb door ahead.
I smell speech turned and walked through the invisible barrier to the tomb door. They hurried to follow the King Kong cannon and were once again knocked out by the anti-shock, overwhelming a messenger.
"These things are for you. With these evidences, you can bet with them even if you win." I whisked away all kinds of grave-robbing tools outside the tomb door.
"I’m too old to get in?" King Kong cannon got up and shouted.
"Because the master elder brother hates you," I shook my head and said that when I left, I sealed Ma Lingfeng’s city god in the wild five places so that he could take care of Xu Shuangping, who lives alone, and the area where they didn’t have children. He belongs to this barrier, and it should be his cloth. He always hated the King Kong Gun Institute before he was shocked back.
"I wouldn’t have made enemies with him if it wasn’t for you. Why are you a good man now?" King Kong cannon shouted discontentedly.
"You wait for me outside for a while, and I’ll go in and have a look." I turned and shook my head at the King Kong cannon and stepped into the tomb door.
"Ma Lingfeng, what are you doing as a land official?" Behind him came the King Kong cannon, shouting and scolding the King Kong cannon, and Ma Lingfeng, who had never dealt with it, deliberately mocked him. The root of Ma Lingfeng was not the land Lord, and the city god in five places was two squares higher than the land Lord.
As soon as the King Kong Gun shouted, I knew that things were going to be bad. Before I turned around, I heard the rolling sound of Fanglai rocks. When I turned around, I found that the King Kong Gun had fallen from its previous position to a huge rock, while the King Kong Gun was panting against the stone tablet outside.
"Get out of here, don’t get out of here and let none of you walk." King Kong cannon came to his senses and shouted at the old man in white and others. He didn’t dare to talk to Ma Lingfeng again, so he could find a punching bag.
When they saw that he was angry, they didn’t dare to stay nearby to pick up what I had thrown out earlier and ran away quickly, but they didn’t go far, but looked around in the jungle in the distance.
I can shake my head with a wry smile and walk sideways into the tomb door.