At first glance, the dragon, snake and demon are more attractive than the magic weapon.
Don’t mention those scattered demons. Even those younger brothers who have their own path won’t mind having a magic weapon refined from Dragon Ball, Dragon Blood, Dragon Tendon and Long Lin in their hands.
"This time it’s the same. At the beginning, I said that I should keep a low profile when I go out this time. Isn’t it you who is the first to get into trouble?"
Once again, simply spit out a sentence, Pei Wende’s figure disappeared into the inn room.
-daoist magic, transposition!
Sleeping in the next room, the moon opened her smart eyes as if suddenly aware of something.
"Brother Pei … is this going out?"
It has become a habit for the new moon to be vigilant at all times.
Not to mention that before Pei Wende left, Gen did not hide his "aftermath"
This is different for daoist magic Moon, who is also practicing, and it is like giving the other party a warning.
"What happened outside?"
Heart couldn’t help but give birth to a curious moon. It’s hard to hide the excitement in your eyes.
Since his father decided to return to Chang ‘an, the moon has been bored by this conversation.
If it weren’t for Pei Wende, she decided to go to Chang ‘an with her father and daughter, and she didn’t stop teaching herself all kinds of magical daoist magic techniques all the way. Moon felt that she was already dead.
After all, at Tongqing Temple, there were not only Zhang Chusheng, a peer moon, who played tricks, but also three brothers, who were dull and silly.
This is the so-called transition from frugality to luxury and from luxury to simplicity.
"Do you want to go out and have a look?"
Quietly blinked, eyes turned fast, and the moon began to have a bad idea.
No matter what happens outside, it’s better than talking about the situation all the way, right?
For your own safety?
Moon decided to firmly believe in her nominal eldest brother and actual master-Pei Wende.
It’s a pity that Pei Wende obviously expected the restless character of the moon.
Cheep …
Just as the moon opened the window to jump out of the inn, a dark beetle suddenly appeared at the window.
It’s a special-shaped beetle made of steel. With that dark posture, it’s like hiding the "killer" in the dark.
"Where are you going?"
Accompanied by a buzz, Pei Wende’s slightly hollow sound came out of the alien beetle and suddenly the moon jumped.
"Pei … Pei eldest brother …"
Towards a long time didn’t collapse out a word, the moon just angry up the window.
"What a bummer!"
Until sure you can’t see the iron method after the moon was a face of chagrin muttering a.
However, Yu Yueer, who was angry, could not help but begin to envy Pei Wende for refining those iron methods.
Although according to Pei Wende’s own statement, those iron methods are just magic weapons with spiritual instruments, is it really meaningful?
But it seems that the moon has such a group of insects that can come at once and go at once. Is it a magic weapon? What’s the difference?
What’s more, being able to manipulate such a group of iron bugs is much more handsome than Zhang Chusheng waving a soft sword all day.
"Chu Sheng said that this thing is very easy to make. Why can’t I make it?"
Took out a delicate mechanical bug from his pocket and was destined to sleep tonight. The moon just began to think about how to make a real iron method.
"Well, I remember Brother Pei saying …"
"There is nothing much wrong with the mechanical structure of this thing, except that it lacks instruments and should be spiritual."
"So is there any way to quickly increase spirituality besides carrying around stupid methods all the year round?"
Chapter III Giant Bear with a Face
"That girl …"
Peiwende couldn’t help but shake his head with a wry smile while identifying Xiaoqing’s direction by flying through the clouds of heaven and earth.
Moon is undoubtedly a clever girl.
Even without Zhang Chusheng’s talent, her speed of learning daoist magic is far beyond the normal level of this era.
Although Zou Qiwu has always attributed this to Pei Wende’s good teaching, he really doesn’t think it has anything to do with himself.
Self-sufficiency is to improve the situation and stimulate the curiosity of the moon, even teaching students in accordance with their aptitude.
To be smart without knowing it, kind without being proud, others are always like themselves, which is to some extent stupid.
This is Zou Qiwu’s evaluation of Pei Wende, and it has been highly approved by everyone, including Zen Master Lingyou and Xiaoqing.
"Sure enough, there are guys who want to fish in troubled waters!"
Even less than a few breaths Pei Wende appeared in Xiaoqing’s mountain forest.
As the saying goes, Pei Wende can see everything in the foothills with a bird’s eye view of the earth at present.
Those who are closest to Xiaoqing are just wild monsters. They are some wild animals that have not even reached the most basic level.
And those guys lurking outside the mountains and forests are all real monsters, heretics and demons.
They may not know Xiaoqing at first, but the special smell emitted by the dragon ball after Xiaoqing turned into a dragon has been completely covered up.
"It’s been a long time since I left Tanzhou."
If it were Pei Wende a few months ago, he might feel a little tricky in the face of these huge number of evil spirits.
However, since he has the ability to forge magic weapons alone, Pei Wende has not only gained a great increase in strength, but also become more and more diversified in offensive means