So he killed Hui first!
The three most valuable things of Hui Shen’s body, the golden sword, Hui Shinto fruit and his bag, Su Mo, were not touched but left to Qi Xian Jun Yu.
At this time, Su Mo has become a target. I don’t know how many people in more than 100 true spirits have moved their hearts.
Chess fairy Yu can take great risks on his side at this time.
Nine robberies of Chunyang Lingbao, a Taoist fruit and a bag, are deserved by Qi Xian Jun Yu.
There is not much communication between them.
Su Mo nodded slightly at Chess Fairy to signal her to be more careful and turned to another battlefield.
That battlefield
The battle for truth in the stone world is inextricably linked with the fight for truth in the forest
Stone break noticed Sue ink coming this way can’t help but face big change a careful in my heart.
He Lin Xunzhen fought and fought, although he occupied the wind, but it was difficult to win at the moment.
If there is one more Sumo, he will fail!
"get out!"
The stone broke and swung up, and the body of the amazing stone axe flashed with dark golden light. The whole person seemed to be integrated with the stone axe, regardless of each other, and a strong blow broke out towards Lin Xunzhen!
Lin Xunzhen has entered the realm of Juejian, and God cut off worldly desires without fear.
In the face of this blow, Lin Xun really doesn’t flash or avoid a stab with a horizontal sword
The tip of the sword trembled, and the mans rushed straight to the stone and broke the eyebrows.
Stone breaking this axe can certainly split Lin Xunzhen in half.
But he himself can’t escape Lin Xunzhen’s sword.
Once the sword goes into the sea of knowledge, he will die!
Life for life!
"It’s crazy!"
The stone broke and scolded, and it can recover the amazing axe and block Lin Xunzhen’s sword light.
The sword and axe hit each other and sparks flew!
In this way, a slight delay in breaking the stone will lose the best chance of escape.
Sumo fell from the sky in an instant!
Chapter two thousand two hundred and seventy-two Five palms shock dead!
Taiyi dusted 3,000 pieces of silver wire and spread it into dozens of bundles, such as the same spiritual python winding towards the stone.
Stone Broken wields a stunning stone axe and slashes continuously with the secret method of the Stone Clan, releasing a series of gray true elements, which are just as powerful as others!
However, 3,000 pieces of silver seem to be exhausted.
Although the amazing stone axe forced back a few bundles, there were still many silver wires flowing in along the dancing gap of the amazing stone axe like running water.
Such a large magic weapon as an amazing stone axe is extremely powerful and fierce.
Head-on confrontation dominates the absolute wind
However, this clever change of magic weapon is slightly insufficient.
Although the stone is poor, it can’t dance the amazing stone axe to the point where it is impenetrable, just because Taiyi brushed the dust and silver silk took advantage of it!
Su Mo waved Taiyi to brush the dust, but he didn’t choose to smash the stone axe recklessly.
Taiyi dusting is indeed a combination of rigidity and softness, but even if it condenses the most rigid and fierce form, it can be hard to shake with such a large magic weapon as a stunning stone axe.
But the soft silver silk state can be soft and rigid!