"I can say that the Murcia team was defeated by luis garcia? Although this is a bit exaggerated, it is true! "
Changsheng was not very excited on the sidelines this time, waving his fists and celebrating with his colleagues.
He raised his right fist.
This is not luck!
This tactic is really effective!
For others, that would have been ecstatic.
Former media criticized their football for being ugly and rose to the height of Spanish football.
This has brought them great pressure, and they are not always victorious. They are having a hard time under pressure.
But now these two goals have released some pressure in their hearts.
They don’t know whether such football is beautiful or not, but it is definitely not ugly!
Luis garcia’s agility has added a touch of bright color to Hertha’s attack, and he has further revitalized Hertha’s attack now, making their attack look changeable and better.
For example, his heel ball, for example, this time he broke through, which was enough to make people astonish.
If this performance can still be ugly, then the other party must have been mad and not human.
Hertha players are celebrating the goal, while Murcia is stupefied.
They didn’t expect it to be a relaxed and enjoyable competition, but it turned into their nightmare!
And they don’t know what all this is yet.
Why did luis garcia suddenly wake up after acting like a sleepwalker?
What makes Hertha feel invincible every time she strikes back?
Yeah, what?
The commentator Crespo suddenly had an idea after seeing these two goals.
Did Hertha play ugly in this game?
Even if it’s not beautiful football, it’s not ugly, right?
And obviously, their counterattack is different from the previous counterattack, full of more unknowns.
Crespo is a commentator. He has explained many games and watched more games.
To be honest, he thinks it’s interesting and beautiful to fight back like this
Especially that luis garcia, who knows that Garcia is from La Marcia, has excellent skills and a sharp breakthrough on the wing.
But his performance in Toledo this season was not so outstanding as to make people shine.
Both his breakthrough and the ball are full of aura.
This is like a player from the youth training camp in Ramasia …
It is not surprising that the former luis garcia team’s youth training camp can be cultivated.
If Crespo is an ordinary fan, his thoughts on Hertha’s attack will stop here and he will not go further.
But he is a commentator, and he is half an expert in football.
He likes to pursue the story behind the story.
Former luis garcia’s performance can be "terrible". He will never think that this is luis garcia’s own ignorance overnight.
There’s a reasonable explanation.
He turned his attention to the young China man on the sidelines.
He led the team to avoid relegation after ten league matches last season, but his tactics really didn’t meet the aesthetic standards of most Spaniards, and he was too conservative and negative.
He faces the same accusation in the new season, and this time it is threatening.
He used to die hard for a while and then stick to his tactics. Anyway, it’s not that he can’t win