Of course, the four of them have a lot to say, even for three days and nights, I’m afraid they can’t finish it.
But at this time, the reunion of the four people seems to be superfluous.
Even the tiger’s garrulous mouth can’t say a word at this time. His lips are shaking and his eyes are red with tears.
The tiger himself felt a little embarrassed and tried to endure it, but when he tried hard, his tears stood out.
"Nima, what a shame!"
The tiger cried and scolded himself in his heart.
Qingqing is also red-eyed
Although Huang Jinshi didn’t cry, she kept grinning like a Cheshire cat.
Qingqing took a white look at the tiger and ran away. "How old are you? Why are you crying? This big tiger face is not enough for you to lose!"
"Stop it …"
The tiger cried with a snot and tears.
A sneer came from the hall.
Cover more than the lich king is really can’t help laughing.
It turned out that he was a little worried when he saw that Wu Daozun was so ungrateful or some malicious role.
Now, seeing the four of them together, they are crazy, crying and laughing, and the lich king finds himself thinking too much.
"It seems that I was right."
Gaiyu Lich King raised his eyebrows slightly and said, "So much for you three sworn followers."
"Did he just seem to want to kill us?"
Wu Daozun still ignored Gai Yu’s lich king but looked at the tiger and asked three people.
The matter three people in the heart a fiercely rapid convergence mind.
The eye crisis has not been lifted!
The tiger quickly woke up and said, "Boss, this is a vicious character, the peak demon king. What are you doing?"
Wu Daozun mused, "According to you, it should also be the king of the peak."
His martial arts territory, Yuan Wu land, has been cultivated to perfection.
According to the realm of the fix true realm, it is really the peak king.
"Peak to peak outcome is unpredictable ….."
The tiger touched the bar and asked carefully, "Why don’t you pull the three of us first, so as not to hold you back …"
The tiger was slapped by Qingqing before he finished his head.
"A joke …"
The tiger was beaten so badly that he quickly changed his mind.
Wu Daozun said lightly, "It’s easy to kill him."
After saying his word, Wu Daozun flicked his finger.
A bunch of deep and green flames drifted towards Gaiyu Lich King, and the speed was not fast, and the temperature was not high, so I couldn’t feel any power.
Gai Yu’s demon king’s surging qi and blood directly propped up dzogchen’s cave and suppressed the past with this dark green flame, shouting "How dare fireflies … ah!"
Cover more than the lich king’s mouth words just said half then let out a piercing scream.
That cluster of seemingly ordinary green flames directly burned a hole in his cave in dzogchen and was washed away by his qi and blood. The flame was full of flames!
His whole cave is surrounded by this deep and green flame. Put it out by root method!
After the completion of the cave in Yuan Wu, the power of the ghost jack-o’-lantern has also risen with it.
Don’t say that a peak fairy king is a quasi-emperor. The strong can easily die in the fire if they don’t cope well with this ghost fire!
Ghost fire burns qi and blood
The Qi and blood released by Gaiyu Lich King will make the power of the ghost fire soar!
In a blink of an eye, dzogchen, the lich king, was burned to the ground and collapsed.
He himself was burnt into a skeleton braving the green light, and his flesh and blood are rapidly passing away, melting the ghost fire for nourishment!
Chapter two thousand nine hundred and thirty Nine mountains
Even the cave of dzogchen is surrounded by ghosts and ghosts, and the demon king Yuan Shen can’t escape.
All the demons will stare in horror. It’s just a few breaths, and the demon king will be burned to a bone, and the ashes will disappear!
"This …"
More than 100 demon generals in the main hall were shocked.
This is the peak demon king!
But the purple man never looked at Gai Yu’s demon king, but he just popped up a little flame and killed him!
What power is this?