Zhao Zifeng sat down and said, "Is something wrong?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
The bartender wiped her mouth with tea. Shui Ze said, "Back to Zhao Ye, the two of them went out early this morning."
Zhao Zifeng was white when he heard this. Fu Shouyi must have gone to the forbidden area in Kunlun. He hurriedly got up and said to the bartender, "You can’t go home without you." Zhao Zifeng pushed the door and walked towards Zhang Zhongxuan’s room.
Zhao Zifeng knocked on Zhang Zhongxuan’s doorway "Master"
Zhang Zhongxuan knocked at the door and took a look at Zhao Zifeng. "Is Fu Hang’s father divorced?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Zhao Zifeng nodded his head.
Zhang Zhongxuan said, "So when they have breakfast, you can help me say hello to my parents." Zhang Zhongxuan said that he was about to get up and fly to Shu and stop his body. "By the way, remember that the layout has left Fu Hang out of the way. It’s a trouble to deal with. You can’t give the cloven foot."
If Zhao Zifeng knows that Zhang Chongxuan is going to Kunlun, it’s natural to know the secret. "Master, you can rest assured that I will handle it properly." Zhao Zifeng just finished saying that Zhang Chongxuan’s figure has disappeared and looked at the room. Zhao Zifeng shook his head and sighed. "It’s a level difference from the master, but the strength is ten million times different. It seems that it is impossible to catch up with the master."
Zhang Chongxuan flew to capture Fu Shouyi’s breath immediately after the expansion of Zhongyuan God. When he gave himself a hidden breath formation, he chased Fu Shouyi to help the world. Tong Ren Tang was transformed into Zhang Chongxuan to explore the origin, but he was trapped in Zhang Chongxuan’s layout. Naina Fu Shouyi’s wiliness was also played by Zhang Chongxuan in his palm.
Zhang Zhongxuan found the breath and came to Xingcheng city, but he saw that Fu Shouyi was just offering a multiplier. The multiplier was very small and was a white bodhi. On the front of the bodhi, there were twelve green leaves. Like a hand, Zhang Zhongxuan protected the white bodhi in the center and gave off a bright green light. Although Zhang Zhongxuan was not so wonderful, he also saw from the breath that this bodhi was an unusual multiplier.
The bodhi floating in the middle cracked and gave off a white brilliance. For a moment, the bodhi became a white lotus, and Fu Shouyi’s figure gently landed on the lotus, and a white cloud flew away.
Zhang Zhongxuan saw this and hurriedly offered the sacred sand. He was afraid that the breath of the sacred sand would be discovered by Fu Shouyi, and he gave the sacred sand a hidden formation to follow Fu Shouyi. However, Zhang Zhongxuan did not dare to get too close to Fu Shouyi, and Fu Shouyi kept a certain distance.
After such a flight, Fu Shouyi came to a mountain where Zhang Chongxuan was sitting. From a distance, there were lush peaks everywhere in this area, while the mountain where Fu Shouyi was sitting was deep in the mountains, but Zhang Chongxuan was about to stop when he wanted to fall, because the whole mountain seemed to move at the moment when he was about to fall.
Zhang Chongxuan is a master of law. Naturally, he can see that the mountains in this area have been attacked by law. However, he can also see that this law and its attack power are a relatively high-level psychedelic array. When people go, the formation will naturally start, and those mountains that can’t move will naturally move. The number of peaks here will naturally make people fascinated.
Zhang Chongxuan looked at Fu Shouyi’s mountain peak and thought about what to do next, because now he is a road trace. Fu Shouyi can’t break the law in this area, and he also walked into the eyes of the array, but Fu Shouyi is there. Zhang Chongxuan still doesn’t want to meet Fu Shouyi before all.
Zhang Chongxuan put away the heavenly sand and flew forward cautiously. When flying to Fu Shouyi’s landing area, Zhang Chongxuan finally felt at ease that there was a towering mountain peak in front of it. There was a hole in the mountain. The hole was hidden. It seemed that the root was connected with the mountain and there was more tendril cover on its surface. It is good to find that Zhang Chongxuan has always been a yuan god to track Fu Shouyi. Otherwise, it would take some twists and turns to find the hole.
Zhang Chongxuan flew directly from it in front of the mountain peak, which was more than two or three times wider than other mountains, and stood in it, separated by endless mountains.
Zhang Zhongxuan looked at the entrance of the mountain company with a smile on his face. The surface of the entrance was covered with a layer of extremely severe prohibition-the mountain soul curse is a complementary mountain. When someone doesn’t know the trick and touches the mountain soul curse, the whole mountain will attack you in an instant, and the people who touch the forbidden curse will not get out because the mountain soul curse is to hold the soul of the person who touches the forbidden curse in an instant. Even if people are not careful or don’t understand the contingency plan, they will be in the mountain soul curse. After all, the mountain soul curse is beneficial to the border.
Zhang Chongxuan reached out and sucked a small piece of rock from the other side of the mountain to hold it in his hand. Without looking, he hit the hole directly at the mouth of the cave. At the moment when Zhang Chongxuan hit it, he actually produced a trace of green gas, but listening to the mouth of the cave, a circular stone gate was hit inside. Zhang Chongxuan’s hand stone was also in a flash of powder. Zhang Chongxuan’s skill is extremely simple, that is, the average person would never dare to attack the shield with a spear like him, because it is necessary to accurately grasp the attack angle of the rock when it is forbidden to touch it. Even if it is one millimeter, it No one dares to take such a risk in the land robbery attack, and even if the angle of the rock is selected, it will be true to the rock when the rock hits the mountain soul curse, and the uniformity and attraction of the real element are also very high. There is a percentage of success rate, and Zhang Zhongxuan has absolute confidence in his grasp. He never thought that he could not break the consequences, so he broke the mountain soul curse naturally and easily.
At the mouth of the cave, a piece of heavy mystery shines in front of him, which will never be inferior to Zhang Fu’s back garden. There are flowers flowing in it, and butterflies are flying all the time. From time to time, tiny birds are singing from the ground and a huge waterfall is coming from the inside.
Zhang Chongxuan walked into the cave and closed the hole around. There were flowers and plants with some scattered trees, but there was no Fu Shouyi figure. Zhang Chongxuan looked at the distance and saw a waterfall about 30 feet long. The waterfall flew straight from the surface water and raised several splashes. The splash reflected the sun and brought up a piece of white water. The rapids waterfall fell into a small pool. The pool was a dead pool and diverted, but it did not rise in the waterfall.
Zhang Zhongxuan doesn’t know much about architecture, but at a glance, he found that this waterfall is actually not natural but artificial. Because the pool is a natural pool with springs, it was specially designed by a small trick to transfer the water in the pool to a high place and there was an accelerated formation on that side to form a rapids waterfall.
Behind the rushing waterfall, there is a cave. Zhang Zhongxuan thought that Fu Shouyi must have entered the cave and thought that he had to follow quickly to see if he could listen to some important conversations.
Zhang Zhongxuan’s figure went directly through the waterfall and came to the entrance of the cave. This cave is very vast, and drips from time to time are cooler than those in the cave outside. Zhang Zhongxuan didn’t look at the cave too much because he didn’t find out what the law was at the edge of the cave. Obviously, Kunlun people think that few people can break the curse of the soul outside the mountain and there is no cloth protection in the mountain.
Zhang Chongxuan walked towards the Shensui Cave, which is extremely special. The entrance is very wide, but it is narrow enough to allow a person to pass in, and there are rocks protruding from time to time. If you are not careful, you may encounter the protruding rocks. Zhang Chongxuan Nai can stop and walk slowly.
After about ten minutes’ walk, the terrain is suddenly wide, and every few feet around the walls, there will be night beads embedded in the surface to illuminate the whole mountain road. When Zhang Chongxuan stops, he has already felt the faint breath of Fu Hang, and there is a aura in the depths of the cave that strongly makes Zhang Chongxuan understand what it will be. This will be a forbidden area in Kunlun and a place for special heirs to practice.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-three Kunlun forbidden area 2
Chapter one hundred and fifty-three Kunlun forbidden area 2
Generally, practitioners hope to find a place with more aura, which will help practitioners and spiritual objects to be the same. Spiritual objects absorb the essence of the weather or the moon at a certain time, while people are different. When practicing, the body will naturally relax and the pores of the body will help absorb aura.
Generally, places with more reiki are located in the mountains, and the world will recognize the practitioners, who are indifferent to fame and fortune and far away from the world. In fact, it is not entirely true that their purpose is to improve their strength. Of course, people are highly intelligent animals after all. Since reiki can be cultivated naturally, people who are proficient in the formation and gather reiki, this method does not care about the fact that the practitioners cannot absorb the reiki, which can also limit the practitioners to find places with strong reiki.
From the depths of the cave, the aura is deep enough to reach the celestial realm, and it is pure natural. This kind of environment is very effective for practitioners. Maybe practicing in this cave for one year is better than practicing in the world for ten years. If the practitioners practice the aura reasonably, the effect will be unimaginable.
Zhang Chongxuan considered that instead of walking forward, his hands kept beating the tactic, and he spread a hidden breath on his body to fill the formation weakened by a flight just now. Then Zhang Chongxuan stepped on his body and walked into the rock.
Because walking in the rocks was limited by the rocks, Zhang Chongxuan made a tortuous journey, and later he came to the place where Fu Shouyi breathed. Zhang Chongxuan silently had a mysterious green light in his mouth, and he was integrated into the cave and appeared on the surface of the stone chamber.
The stone chamber that appeared in front of Zhang Chongxuan was not dark, but fell asleep with an oblique light from the top of the stone chamber. In the stone chamber, it was a protruding square with several ancient texts engraved on it, accompanied by a tadpole-like pattern. From this, it can be seen that this place was discovered and forbidden by Kunlun Sect a long time ago, and in the center of the square, where the oblique light was projected, it was an egg-white silk cocoon, which was about half a foot high, and a layer of light gas escaped on the surface of the white silk cocoon.
Zhang Chongxuan took a look at the snow-white cocoon and thought that it must be the heir of Kunlun in it, which made Zhang Chongxuan care about the gas escaping from the surface of the cocoon. The gas didn’t escape from the surface of the cocoon, but it drifted away in the opposite part and condensed on the surface of the snow-white cocoon. If Zhang Chongxuan didn’t become an immortal, he naturally couldn’t see the secret, but now he clearly knew what it represented.
The cultivation of truth can be divided into the first day and the day after tomorrow. Because there is a foul gas in the body, there are various restrictions on practice, but the innate style does not affect practice. The biggest effect is that people can cultivate the flesh by the way when practicing, but the gas on the surface of snow-white silk cocoon obviously flows out of the human body, and that foul gas will sublimate itself under the sunlight, which makes Zhang Zhongxuan have a little interest.
Zhang Zhongxuan observed it carefully for a long time before he noticed that the protruding square was white, and some of the keys fell from the ceiling. After the sunlight fell on the protruding square, a trace of colorful charm was produced. That layer of charm was sucked by the white cocoon from the bottom and flowed on the surface of the whole cocoon. It was this layer of charm that became the most important factor for purifying polluted air.
"This cocoon is not simple." Zhang Chongxuan stared at the cocoon and felt something strange. After a few careful eyes in his mind, Huo Ran realized that it was Tianxuan silk. Tianxuan silk was vomited by a thousand-year-old Tianxuan silkworm, and the texture of Tianxuan silk was smooth as veins in the human body. When it was covered on the human surface, it would absorb the true elements of the human body, but after reaching saturation, it would return to the human body, thus causing a swelling effect of the human body and then expelling the human body’s turbid qi to transform the human body into congenital.
Generally speaking, the polluted air in human body can’t be expelled, because it is an important factor in cultivation, and people can really achieve great success by constantly cultivating the polluted air. After all, this air is the source of true elements, and that’s the key point of Tianxuan silk, because Tianxuan silk was swallowed by Tianxuan silkworm for thousands of years, and the body is extremely spiritual. When it returns to human body, it will be accompanied by Tianxuan silk, which absorbs the polluted air and then the polluted air reaches a ascending process, so it naturally changes from acquired to innate.
The life span of Tianxuan silkworm is extremely long. Generally, it can live for thousands of years, but the reproductive ability of Tianxuan silkworm is very weak. Generally speaking, it is like a single vein among human beings, which is even more sterile. It is extremely difficult for people in the real world to find Tianxuan silk. Finding Tianxuan silkworm one day is tantamount to finding a needle in the sea.
Zhang Chongxuan sighed, "Look at the mystery of the cultivation of Kunlun heirs. This day, Xuan silk is also very cleverly designed. It is actually sucking and losing, which not only purifies the polluted air of the human body, but also increases the practice."
Zhang Chongxuan suddenly remembered that he had followed Fu Shouyi’s secret passage. "Where could he go again?" Thinking about looking around, I found that Fu Shouyi was sitting in the outer dish of the cave with his eyes closed and resting.
A slight cough came out of Tianxuan silk. Fu Shouyi closed his eyes and opened them. He looked at Tianxuan silk and got up.
At this time, a loud voice reminded the whole cave, "Is it because Elder Fu came here?"
Fu Shouyi said, "The head of the company is going to fly in a month. I came to the forbidden area to ask you to go back."
Zhang Zhongxuan was surprised to see this. Obviously, the practice of Kunlun’s heirs has not achieved great success. Kunlun asked Fu Shouyi to pick him up. It should be to ask Fu Shouyi to speed up the practice of Kunlun’s heirs.
Zhang Zhongxuan is guessing that Kunlun inherits the population. "But my achievement method is not enough. It will take three months."
Fu Shouyi laughed. "That’s why I’m here. I want Hualien Pu to sit and help you sprinkle water. You can get out smoothly after your master rises."
The Kunlun heir said, "Then please Elder Fu, but before that, Elder Fu should first solve those who break into the forbidden area without permission."
Chapter one hundred and fifty-four Kunlun Forbidden Area 3
Chapter one hundred and fifty-four Kunlun Forbidden Area 3
Qiwang w w w q i s u w a n g
Zhang Zhongxuan was surprised when he heard the words of Kunlun heir. It’s really not white that he was so stable that he was discovered by the other party.
"What?" Aside Fu Shouyi, the heir of Kunlun didn’t reply, but turned with the whole Tianxuan cocoon under his arm. In the rapid rotation, a silk in Huo Ran hit Zhang Zhongxuan’s position and heard a bang. The original place of Zhang Zhongxuan instantly broke into a big pit.
This blow can’t hurt Zhang Zhongxuan, but since Zhang Zhongxuan was found, he didn’t intend to continue to hide. He walked out of the rocks.
"You …" Fu Shouyi’s face changed, pointing to Zhang Zhongxuan’s speechless, because Zhang Zhongxuan is a rich man in his knowledge, but now he is calm in front of him. How can he not be surprised?
Zhang Zhongxuan smiled slightly. "The fu is old. I can’t believe it’s such a coincidence to meet each other."
Fu Shouyi pointed to Zhang Zhongxuan’s hand and let it go. "I didn’t expect Fu Shouyi to be mistaken. I always thought you were an ordinary person, but you were so tall at a young age."
Zhang Zhongxuan laughed. "The fu is old. You visited my Zhang Fu for several days. You really don’t know if you entered my Zhang Fu as a human being?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
At this time, the Kunlun heir said, "Who is the Fu Lao?"
Zhang Zhongxuan laughed. "If he knew who I am, he wouldn’t leave his son alone."