"Ask the fourth team about the situation! Inform the first reconnaissance fleet that the ocean fleet found that the British fast fleet ordered the first reconnaissance fleet to turn around and cooperate with the ocean fleet to attack on both sides! "
"Will that be the British fast fleet, where the god of war Heidi Selim struggled for nearly a night?" Neuer, deputy general staff officer of Ocean Fleet, has a face full of consternation. David Betty, who enjoys the same fame as Selim, is by no means a simple-minded and reckless man. How dare he challenge Ocean Fleet with 17 capital ships with only 10 thin-skinned capital ships!
Neuer, the deputy chief of staff of the fleet, doubts that Schell will rule it out or arbitrarily or decisively order it to continue. "Finally, the main fleet of the ocean fleet gradually unfolds its battle formation!"
Considering that the British may appear in the direction of the northeast, Schell will reinforce his main fleet of the ocean fleet, seventeen formidable ships from left to right, the first battleship team, the second detachment, four Nassau-class, the first battleship team, the first detachment, four Helgolan-class third battleship team, and the fifth detachment, four Caesar-class ocean fleet flagship frederick the great. Fourth Battleship Team, Seventh Division, Four Kings-class, this sequence is arranged in turn. Each column is 1 meter apart. According to the convention, the flagship is always at the front of the battle line. However, in order to facilitate the cooperation of the same type of ships, Schell incorporated his flagship into the fifth division, while the second Battleship Team, the fourth division, three Prussian-class former warships and the fourth destroyer team, one destroyer, took the right wing to cover the left wing. The old first patrol fleet, the third destroyer team, the whole fleet cruise formation, and the speed of one section entered the Ska Gerakl Strait
At 2: 05, even though the flagship Caesar of the third battleship was deep in the sea fog area, the terrible explosion on the east side went straight into the eardrum through the impenetrable sea fog, which was shocking.
"Is it the end of the fourth detachment or the end of the Royal Navy?" Major general kraft, deputy commander of the third battleship team, murmured
"Major General, Germany is not qualified to wait for the truth to come out before the rich British!" Hippel took a deep look at the narrow observation hole of the commander tower of the battleship Caesar, and firmly said, "Dogel sandbar error will not repeat the order that the seventh unit of the third battleship team advance at 22 knots, and the fifth unit advance at 2 knots, and gradually change the left rudder to 30 degrees to correct the course of 4 degrees north-east!"
The steering command was reported to the room, and the repetitive force drove the rudder mechanic to draw a light dance circle on the huge hull of tens of thousands of tons of battleships in the North Sea and rush straight in the direction of the final exchange of fire.
At 3 o’clock, the commander tower of the battleship frederick the great was lit up, and the atmosphere was slightly dignified.
"The speed of the first team is 1 section and the speed of the second team is 16 sections. It takes at least 15 minutes to reorganize the team …" The chief staff officer turned over thick notes and put out the dense data on the last page.
Neuer school also wanted to say something more, but the ugly confidential clerk in the newspaper office struggled to squeeze in without any fireworks, and the right-wing horror was fed back after the close combat.
"The fourth detachment of the Second Battleship Team encountered the Prussian-class battleship Schleswig-Herstein, a fast capital ship of the British fast fleet, which was exploded and sank by several British war patrol fire ammunition depots at around 2: 05! Three boilers of the same type ship Silesia were destroyed, but barely kept the steam out of the battle by sea fog. "
The standard displacement of the Brunswick-class reinforced Prussian-class battleship is 1,319 tons. It is equipped with two main guns with a diameter of 23 mm and 14 auxiliary guns with a single assembly of 17 mm. Due to the adoption of the most advanced water tube boiler at that time, the power of the Prussian-class battleship’s main engine is as high as 2 horsepower, and it can easily run for 19 knots. The strong ventilation conditions of Schleswig-Holstein can reach this speed. In terms of defense, the Prussian-class waterline belt’s main armor thickness can reach 24 mm, which has always been neglected. The defense armor of the main
The boiler of the last Prussian-class battleship Schleswig-Herstein has been further strengthened, and the strong ventilation conditions can even run out of speed. Therefore, the Shih-Heung is not only the swan song of the Prussian-class battleship, but also the stern of Germany’s former fear of the ship. However, it is such a big guy who dominated the ship in the era of fear of the ship that he died in the cold and barren muddy seabed in just a few minutes because of the tragic explosion of the ammunition depot.
Sleeping all night, Schell will glance at his deputy chief of staff with bloodshot eyes as if the crooked chair had been sitting for a long time, and repeat the annoying question repeatedly, "How far is the school ocean fleet from the first reconnaissance fleet?"
"About 34 nautical miles!" Wonderful stopped repeatedly interrupted deputy general staff officer has no qualms about commander-in-chief tightening eyebrows secretly heart slander a disgruntled replied.
The distance between the two fleets doesn’t seem to be getting closer. Scheer recovered those impetuous until he took out his pocket watch and realized the truth. The pointer just wandered around for a few laps. It took only three or five minutes to ask, but he was eager to show that his chief staff officer had a tendency to collapse.
"Young man, I have a hunch that I will live or die, glory or shame will be foggy after one night, and the truth will come out after the first light comes!"
Wang Haidi’s primary school brother is less than 34 years old. Neuer, deputy chief of staff of the Ocean Fleet, unconsciously scratches his head. This is the perfect time to encircle the British fast fleet. Neuer School will not sigh and sigh until the morning of the 4 th, when a ray of pure white light pierces the fog and lifts the card …
The second gun Chapter 16 Card (9)
[To prepare for writing at the moment of dawn, it turns out that it needs more than 1,000 words to split into two chapters, but how to drop age of steam’s greatest battle line decisive battle will be a big time of blood boiling! 】
In the fog, the main force of the ocean fleet is carefully sorting out the formation, expecting the thunder to kill the right-wing arch-enemy. The British fast fleet knows nothing about the coming danger, but also carefully searches for nothingness in the fog. The so-called "First Reconnaissance Fleet" is approaching the seventh detachment with the cover of sea fog.
"Major General Moore sent a report that the German No.2 ship had drilled into the sea fog area and the World War II patrol fleet lost its shelling target!"
After sinking the No.3 ship, four fast capital ships of the World War II patrol fleet fired at the German No.2 ship, but the range finder had not bitten the opponent before the Germans had already drilled into the sea fog area.
Just rising up, the high-pitched mood instantly languishes, and the blood and the rainbow momentum are gone. David Betty can’t help but clench his fist and smash the armor of the ten-inch thick commander tower of the Lion overnight.
"this damn sea fog!" After a few deep breaths, Betty forced herself to calm down and turned to his assistant Lampard and asked, "What’s the result of the deputy commander?"
"Tiger, unyielding, indomitable, three war patrol to the German No.2 ship fire hit the enemy No.2 ship; Four patrol ships of the World War II patrol fleet burst into flames and sank to the ammunition depot of the German No.3 fire target ship. "Lampard, the deputy commander, waved his arm and made a powerful gesture." Dogel’s Shazhou naval battle claimed to be unsinkable. After several months of patrol, the British Empire was shot and sank! "
"Wait, Major General, there seems to be something wrong with the other party!" The wine of victory is sweet, but Betty perceives Hamlet-style poison from Lampard’s smugness. After a moment’s hesitation, she wants to make a showdown with her enemy Heidi Selim for life. The idea of Dogel Shazhou’s shock is gradually fading, and Betty will encounter the so-called first reconnaissance fleet. Repeatedly playing it in her mind will soon find out the obscure clue "Did the Germans fight back?"
"German No.1 ship fought back, but the power of their main gun shells seems to be smaller than usual, but the power of their auxiliary guns is greatly enhanced." Major General Lampard is still immersed in the excitement of sinking another ship on a German patrol, and he is somewhat half-hearted. "Commander, the idea of German main gun shells has always been that light bombs have high initial velocity, so that shells with strong penetration and insufficient damage should also be intentional; After the naval battle in Shazhou, Dogel, almost all the capital ships in Germany returned to the shipyard for reconstruction, and it is unknown that the German patrol changed its main guns with stronger performance and larger caliber. Due to the problem of firing rate, turret half-gun shooting technology has become common, which may be the reason for the high firing rate. "
"No!" Betty replied firmly that her brow was almost frozen. "The No.1 ship is obviously the main gun of the Devlinger-class war patrol with a diameter of 35 mm. Even if the latest light bombs and large-caliber shells are adopted, the power will never stop there! In the firing rate, even if the turret is half-fired, the German firing rate should not reach nearly 24 main gun firing frequencies. Moreover, after each round of shelling of the Lion, the ranging tower has little correction on the engagement distance, but the angle correction is considerable, which means that the target ship’s speed can’t keep up with the fast fleet of 24 knots. "
Major-General Lampard graduated from Portsmouth Naval Academy as a poet, but he is also known as a veteran in naval warfare. Lampard quickly took out a pen and paper and re-converted the neglected correction angle.
"The speed of the German fleet has always been around!" Cold sweat instantly wet Major General Lampard’s chest and back. Shocked news blurted out, "So that’s not the first reconnaissance fleet!"
Lampard exclaimed to attract the attention of the busy fleet staff and department commanders of the Lion Patrol Command Tower. Everyone was in shock. David Betty, the arrogant Royal Navy, had a concise and effective instruction.
"Command fast fleet quickly out of combat right rudder 30 heading 4 degrees north-east correction each ship strictly enforce line silence and blackout speed forward! Notify Jellicoe that the fast fleet will encounter the northwest breakthrough of the main force of the ocean fleet, and it is possible to request the Ska Gerakl Strait to meet! "
Everyone knows that orders are kept and carried out, and they know that they are arrogant and provoke their opponents to shake their opponents.
"The ocean fleet is faster than expected. What about such a big fleet?" This is Betty’s doubt.
"The big fleet is still 20 nautical miles away from the Scarborough Gerakl Strait." The chief of staff of the big fleet told the truth that the fast fleet was facing a desperate situation and finally came to a cold conclusion. The chief of staff has tried to be cool and calm in front of the family, but the word "and" has inadvertently leaked that worry.
In March, 1915, the British Empire suffered a fiasco in Mudros Bay, and the despicable Turk’s cheap torpedo destroyed an export-oriented capital ship. Rao was the secretary of the navy Winston Churchill, the first secretary of the navy Wilson, and the resignation of the chief of staff of the two navies also calmed the anger of Londoners. Facing the army, he also suppressed the demonstrations and riots. However, just a few months later, the Conservative leader, the current Prime Minister Andrew Bona Law, tried to save the throne. On the night of March 3, he brazenly announced that the big fleet would take strong actions to save the passive situation on the 4th.
Prime Minister Andrew Bona-Law didn’t know that it was his resolute revenge that had fallen into a difficult situation of riding a tiger. He was highly expected that the fast fleet would only hit or sink a German patrol. Another result might be Nassau class and Helgolan class, which represented glory and fear of ships, or Brunswick class and Prussia class.
The Royal Princess was sunk and the War-weary was forced to withdraw from the battle background. This weak victory can neither save the British imperialists from questioning and cursing the big fleet, nor perfunctory the Prime Minister’s ardent expectation. When it passed, it was more than 2: 05, and a war patrol fast fleet accidentally "collided" with the main force of the ocean fleet, which almost coincided with Jellicoe’s last retreat.
It has become a luxury to keep a slight victory. Now the problem to think about is to lead the boys home!
The commander tower focuses on the gloomy face of the commander-in-chief of the big fleet and throws bitter glory or heavy responsibility to the admiral who has been criticized by them
"After the pursuit of the ocean fleet, before the interception of the West Lyme patrol fleet, and the fast fleet was on the German right wing, Betty was afraid that it would be difficult to break through the tight encirclement and get to the reception point of the Scar Gerakl Strait." The crowded commander tower of the battleship Duke of Jellicoe, who was sensible and steady for half a generation, gradually became cold and sharp, and everyone’s face swept through spicy words and kept popping out of his dry mouth.
Jellicoe will frankly make everyone feel ashamed. He is used to talking about the interests of the M-flag. They can choose the crossroads, but they are not polite to abandon their lofty aspirations. They should take responsibility and shirk their responsibilities neatly.
There is nothing critical about it. He chose to undertake it independently. More than 100 years ago, Horatio Nelson Trafalgar, the naval god of war, spent two hours deciding the final disposal, while Jutland, Jellicoe, reached the "Miqi Battle" in just 20 seconds, which was enough to change the historical decision. This may be the boldest and most incredible decision in his life, but the reward was the silence of the big fleet and the unpredictability of naval battles!
"Inform the fast fleet to move 5 nautical miles in the direction of 2 degrees south-west. We must get rid of the opponent’s big fleet as soon as possible!"
Jellicoe lay on the chart room, the crumpled chart with his back to the newspaper room, and the VIP will finally decide on the VIP. A yellow newspaper will be brushed to record the history, and the cold order will be given to the commander-in-chief of the big fleet together with the heavy pen.
Gentle English gentleman unconsciously fastened the discipline button of the military uniform, slowly turned around and smoothed his uniform, folded his head, straightened his hat, frosted his chest, decorated his pen and newspaper, signed his name, and trembled to bet on the most effective gambling department of the British Empire, which had a hundred years of national luck and never set the sun.
"This is our high Lord.
"He dried up the abyss."
He and we carve out the ultimate road to the world! "
The confidential official has gone far, and Jellicoe will gawk at the corner where the confidential official finally disappears. Suddenly, Jellicoe will read Kipling’s English Song, a magnificent poem that symbolizes the national temperament of the British Empire.
The word "English Song" has inspired generations of royal sailors to fight against the wind and waves and the ocean grass. The poems have been separated for decades, and the white paper has been dried and worn away. The ideal has been forgotten. Can the British Empire hold on?
The second gun Chapter 16 Card (10)
The fourth unit is in a mess. It is hard for outsiders to imagine a former formidable ship with insufficient firepower but excellent defensive performance. The Germans think that Prussian-class battleships are old, but they are still strong. The fact is that the fourth unit suffered from the fire of a fast main ship of the British fast fleet, and the fourth unit suffered a heavy blow and sank.
Major General F-VN-Lienfel, commander of the fourth detachment of an old-fashioned battleship, said that his military career had come to an end before, and the military court might understand the light sentence considering the strength of the British and their own weakness, but the stain was the stain. Major General F-VN-Lienfel was never stingy to bear it, but that was after the naval battle. Major General’s duty now is to save his fleet as much as possible.