Meng Qi returned to the palace with the Emperor Xuan, and when he met the King of Qi, Meng Qiyi saw that the King of Qi should have been haunted by something filthy and lost his mind. Now Zhao’s family is regarded as Meng Qi’s descendants, and Meng Qi drove out his filth, which turned out to be a ghost with a little climate.
But what is it worth for Meng Qi? He removed it conveniently, and at this time, the king of Qi regained his mind. He shook his head and was still a little confused. Then he saw Xuan Huang and Meng Qi. He saw Xuan Huang respectfully behind Meng Qi. He asked, "Who is Xuan Er?"
Xuan Huang replied, "This is our ancestor Zhao. He has merged with our dragon spirit."
The king of Qi was shocked and immediately worshipped and said, "Zhao Defang, the unworthy grandson, visited the bodhi old zu."
To tell the truth, what was suddenly called the bodhi old zu? In theory, Meng Qi should be very unaccustomed, but at this time, Meng Qi nodded and said, "Get up. At this time, no wonder you are the evil monster. Now you should help Zhao Xuan to calm down the turmoil in this country as soon as possible."
At this time, the king of Qi also remembered what he had done after being controlled. Meng Qi didn’t blame himself. At that time, he was touched by tears and said, "Thank you, bodhi old zu."
Meng Qi nodded, then drove away all the filth in the whole palace, and said, "When the turmoil subsides, please inform me that the three generations of the Zhao family have come to the capital to see them."
Say that finish Meng Qi didn’t say anything to pull Hu Xianer is out of the palace, but after Meng Qi figure disappeared, he figure into the ear of the emperor "I have something to come to me in the imperial tomb is"
After Meng Qi left, Zhao Defang, the king of Qi, asked Xuan Huang what was going on. After Xuan Huang told the story, he said, "Uncle, no matter what, people are already my ancestors. We can’t have any other thoughts."
The King of Qi shook his head and smiled. "Naturally, there won’t be any thoughts. You are too oversensitive. I just asked what was going on. Well, let’s go to work now. After being controlled by that VIP, I did a lot of things that I am sorry for my country."
Zhao Xuan comforted, "Uncle, don’t blame yourself. Even the bodhi old zu forgives you. Let’s get things done first. And I estimate that we are going to build the Dragon Soul Temple. This is a great event for the Zhao clan, but we can’t be careless."
"What Xuan Er said is that we should go quickly."
After Meng Qi returned to the imperial tomb, Hu Xianer was given a meal, and then he experienced the new dragon soul.
While Meng Qi was constantly studying the Dragon Soul, suddenly a little white light came in from the outside. Meng Qi was still a member of the Zhao clan, but the belief of the Zhao clan would not be handed over to Meng Qi until the Dragon Soul Temple was built.
So these beliefs come from? Just when Meng Qi wondered, his mind suddenly went into a trance, and then he saw a group of people lying in front of him.
Meng Qi is quite sure that this is a group of ordinary terrans. What is this place? Meng Qi remembers that he is in the imperial tomb.
Looking around, Meng Qi found that this is a temple and he is parasitic in the statue of this temple. How did this happen? Meng Qi knew that believers who believed in themselves after the establishment of their own Dragon Soul Temple could really call themselves through worship mode.
But this dragon soul temple has not yet been established. What’s going on? Meng Qi thought for a long time, and suddenly he remembered something a long time ago. He seemed to have had several heavy rains in a drought, and then the local people built a dragon temple for him.
Maybe? ! Meng Qi was a little unsure. He looked at the people who knelt down in the square. Meng Qi could see that most of them didn’t believe in themselves. They kept kneeling and then got up and looked numb.
However, there are exceptions. In the front of the crowd, a few old people actually came with a little white light. Meng Qi called this white light source of belief. These sources of belief emerged from them and then merged into this dragon statue where Meng Qi was located.
As soon as these white spots entered, the statue burst into golden light, which shocked all the people. After a moment of shock, the old people shouted "The Dragon Appears! The dragon has appeared! "
And the rest of the people in addition to the dull is no expression, and then more surprised them a scene appeared, see a virtual shadow from the inside of the statue rose and then disappeared.
A moment later, the day after tomorrow turned out to be a rumbling thunder. This time, everyone was awake, and everyone was crazy to run outside.
When I got outside, it was cloudy and the ground was windy. The yellow sand was flying all over the sky and fascinated everyone’s eyes, but everyone tried to keep their eyes open. It has not rained for three years.
Seeing the dark clouds all over the sky and the wind rolling up the yellow sand, everyone couldn’t help laughing, especially after a thunderbolt crossed the sky, which made the laughter even louder.
But still barely able to control the excitement in their hearts, the old people looked at the young people at the gate of the Dragon Temple, and the turbid tears could not help but fall.
When the first drop of rain fell on their faces, the cheers boiled up after all. Everyone drenched themselves in the rain. It was not a rain, but their lives continued. With this rain, their crops could live and they could continue to multiply in this land where they were born.
However, although they are in a trance, Meng Qi is about to cry at this time because he was stationed here after those sources of faith entered the body.
Meng Qi’s tears came to an end. It turned out that this dragon soul would be stationed at Meng Qi’s first belief base point and then turn this place into Meng Qi’s headquarters for dealing with faith.
You know, most of Meng Qi’s beliefs should come from his own country’s huge religious groups, and his dragon soul should also be stationed too much to build a dragon soul temple for Meng Qi.
As a result, Meng Qi didn’t expect that a small ruined temple in front of him turned into his headquarters for dealing with faith without paying attention. You know, it’s a long way from here to that country.
In this way, if we have to wait for those sources of faith to get together and then deliver them here, it will cost a lot. Meng Qilai wants the dragon soul to move a little, but the dragon soul turns out to be stubborn.
The reason Meng Qi also knows that it is the place where Meng Qi has the largest number of believers. For the time being, this place has the largest source of belief in the dragon soul, but there is no wisdom to single out some things. If you want to transfer the dragon soul, you have to wait until the source of belief in the Dragon Soul Temple exceeds here.
Meng Qi was depressed while casting the travelling tactic, but Meng Qi comforted himself that he didn’t want to wait for the Dragon Soul Temple over there to be repaired, so there would be no problem.
However, after a heavy rain, those young people who didn’t believe in Meng Qi once again entered the Dragon Temple under the guidance of the old people. This time, they also knelt down, but all people were full of reverence for Meng Qi. A little invisible belief came from them. Looking at these sources of belief, Meng Qi didn’t know whether to cry or laugh …
It is a very troublesome thing for those royal families who are distributed in various places to come to the capital. First of all, it is a problem to receive so many people, and it is also necessary to believe that they will come here. This will not be completed in a short time.
After Meng Qi stayed in the imperial tomb for a while, he received a letter from Guan Qingfa. The two wars of Yu Fu Zheng Mo have changed considerably because of the participation of the demon race.
It is impossible for Guan Qing to lead a large number of elite brothers of the magic door to stay in Cuiming Mountain, so the rest of the demon brothers also want to go with them. However, this place is still a critical place, and you must never give up what you left here to recuperate. Meng Qi is the best candidate to stay.
But everyone knows that it’s the time when the magic door demon clan is in joint wind. If you attack at this time, it will certainly bring considerable benefits to your own race and yourself.
Besides, Meng Qi was neutral in the battle of Cuimingshan, so he made such great contributions. Will Meng Qi agree to let him stay here now? Guan Qing is worried about this, and they want to consult Longgu, but Longgu’s answer is to let Meng Qi decide for himself, so Meng Qi’s attitude is the key.
Meng Qi, however, was stunned when he heard the order that he should stay behind to urge the mountain to die, and then he readily accepted it. However, Meng Qi asked to hand over the seized proceeds from Cuiming Mountain to himself.
Meng Qi can happily promise to stay behind, which is an unexpected joy. In Cui Mingshan, these seizures are nothing at most, that is, some monks then have done the official work, and the rest of them have also agreed to Meng Qi’s conditions.
Come to Guanqing and prepare to leave some manpower for Meng Qi, but at this moment, the Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan came here, and even the manpower was uneasy. Guanqing was naturally happy and parted.
Of course, Hu Xianer will definitely stay with Meng Qi, but to everyone’s surprise, Ao Jiao actually chose to stay. Although Ao Jiao also needs healing, who will stay at this time? But she chose it herself, and they wouldn’t stop her.