Imperial heaven draws out a blank sheet of paper again, and then it is enough to continue to spread it.
Soon, another fairy tale appeared.
"The Taiyin Zhenjing is also a reverse of the Taiyin Zhenjing, which absorbs the essence of Taiyin and has the same effect as the Taiyin Zhenjing!"
Imperial day said but regardless of Tian Buyi and Su Ru shock continue to be generous.
At this moment, Su Ru slowly picked up the Lunar Sutra "This … This …"
Su Ru has said that this kind of practice is suitable for women and that it is suitable for men. It is not necessarily impossible for fellow practitioners to meet the sun and the moon
At the moment, Imperial Heaven is slowly writing lightly, saying, "This is’ Nine-turn Refining’, but it is a secret method of refining spiritual power. After nine transformations, it can finally refine spiritual power to the limit."
At this moment, Tian Buyi can’t keep calm and directly take over the’ Nine-turn Refining’. It’s not easy for this realm to know that the quality is far greater than the quantity. I thought that when I worshipped my brother Wan Jianyi, I stayed for three years, and I constantly refined my spiritual strength, which not only compressed the spiritual strength, but eventually Wan Jian-soaring into Jade Qing’s nine-fold was beheaded as a dog.
This Tian Buyi knows that the essence of spiritual power is fierce. Now it is a kind of secret art that can directly refine spiritual power and refine it nine times. This is to change a sect secret art! With this secret method, there is no sect boundary. If you want to practice spiritual power, you can refine it.
At this moment, Tian Buyi was excited and Su Ru was also horrified.
Imperial heaven is a wolf’s hair, but in my heart, there are several immortals!
Chapter 24 Wan Jian Guizong
Imperial heaven wields the wolf’s hair like an Excalibur.
The thoughts in my heart are constantly falling into pieces, and it is a gorgeous chapter.
Imperial Heaven has experienced six worlds, six world resources and experiences have created Imperial Heaven’s heart full of skills, especially the understanding rules of Fengyun World, and breaking the rules of World Games. Through these understandings, Imperial Heaven combined with the world law of killing immortals to create the secret law of determining several immortals …
At the moment, Imperial Heaven is slowly stopping writing, but a sword tactic is emerging.
Wan Jian returned to the Sect’
At this moment, even Tian Buyi can’t help roaring face upwards, but a tear appears in his eyes.
Dazhufeng is so bitter and bitter … There is no powerful method to inherit alchemy. Even if Dazhufeng is the first to create a method in the past dynasties, it is just exclusive, that is, one person can not make it like’ Excalibur and Thunder Tactics’. Generally, everyone can make Tian Buyi create his own’ Red Dragon Tactics’, and so is Tian Buyi.
At the moment, an article "Wan Jian’s return to the Sect" created by Imperial Heaven is a fairy tale.
The "Wan Jian’s return to the Sect" in the Fengyun world is similar to a fairy method, which motivates the surrounding aura to become sharp and firm, and Wan Jian criss-crosses. This is "Wan Jian’s return to the Sect"
Nowadays, the combination of Yutian and Zhuxian Sword Tactics to cultivate immortality is a kind of self-created method, which is similar to the fairy sword world, but there is a specific gap. Yutian also stopped writing "These are enough!"
A word Tian Buyi already contains tears "enough … enough … big bamboo peak with these is not the weakest one of the seven veins! Dazhufeng has worked hard for generations … finally realized! "
Tian Buyi contains tears, but his mind is very excited.
I have to say that Tian Buyi is Nai Dazhu’s younger brother, but his rare background is not deep … The base is the bottom of the seven veins. Except for the alchemy, there is also the remaining Taoist fairy method of’ Tai Chi Xuan Qing Dao’ … Without this, Tian Buyi won’t teach and don’t want to teach himself to practice Yan’s sword tactic. It is a way to make fun of life. Tian Buyi is also Nai’s own creation now. These methods are to enhance the background of Dazhu Peak, and Dazhu Peak also has a chance to rise.
Su Ru is full of happiness and even more proud that his apprentice is such a genius.
Wan Jian’s return to the Sect is to transform the aura into a firm but gentle sword, and then stimulate it through the sword in his hand, and then cooperate with the swordsmanship to move the surrounding aura into a thousand firm but gentle swords. How strong the firm but gentle sword is depends on the essence of the spiritual force and the power of the sword.
It can be said that this is a kind of tactic comparable to’ Excalibur against Thunder’. If the nine-day magic weapon will send out a strong firm but gentle wave, this Wan Jian Guizong is stronger, especially in the first type of’ Wan Jian Guizong’, which is to gather firm but gentle waves all over the sky and integrate them into his own fairy sword. The sword light of the fairy sword is bright and directly turned into hundreds of feet of sword light to cut at the enemy. This power is earth-shattering.
This Tian Buyi excitement is even more exciting, and so is Su Ru, who is more and more proud of staring at Yutian.
Imperial Heaven slowly spits out a foul breath. I have to say that these methods are nothing to imperial heaven. It can be said that they come to Dazhufeng Tibetan Scripture Pavilion to collect some ancient books and immortals … These things are absorbed and melted by the seven treasures and the jade spirit. Through deduction, it is natural to create a number of achievements. Imperial Heaven takes out these things to remove the’ nine-turn refining technique’. Some of them are precious, but he is something written casually.
The power of’ Sword Prison Classic’ turning into a sword tactic in the world of cultivating immortals is absolutely beyond imagination, especially these days, the spiritual jade is constantly deduced and perfected, and the Imperial Heaven can imagine how great the power of’ Sword Prison Classic’ will be.
Compared with the sword prison sutra, Wan Jian’s return to the motherland is worse than one.
Even so, Tian Buyi is ecstatic. In the face of this, everyone can practice sword tactic.
In just a few months, Dazhu Peak is a bit lively.
Tian Buyi rarely came out of the bamboo house to teach his brother carefully.
Song Daren and Wu Dayi … These younger brothers are surprised that their masters generally don’t teach themselves how to teach themselves carefully now. Finally, Su Ru tells them everything, but also tells Tian Buyi’s difficulties.
Knowing everything, Song Daren and Wu Dayi … A total of six younger brothers are about to burst into tears, and Song Daren is even more crying. "So it turns out that the master can’t teach’ Yan Sword Tactics’, which is extremely dangerous. It’s not good to directly destroy the master’s whole body’ Yan Sword Tactics’, and Dazhufeng is even without its immortal sword tactic … just a’ Tai Chi Xuan Qing Dao’ as taught!"
Song Daren growled and cried bitterly. The six brothers also knew that Dazhu Peak was so difficult. No wonder the Dazhu Summit was looked down upon by others when the Seven Veins were martial.
Thought of here Song Daren Wu Dayi … A total of six people are trying to cultivate and carry forward Dazhufeng.
When Yu Tian saw this, he couldn’t help but take a hint of disdain. "This green leaf is also eccentric!"
Imperial Heaven disdains Qingye, a total of seven disciples, but only Dazhufeng is the disciple who has at least three creative Dan, but the biggest effect of this Dan medicine is to cooperate with Zhuxianjian array, so that once Zhuxianjian array is used, the power of the sword array will be the strongest, and there will be no self-attack, which will greatly increase the strength of the emissary. Qingye will be born to Dazhufeng, but it will not qualify Zhuxianjian array to face a crisis. It is not necessary for Dazhufeng to make moves. Qingye is too eccentric!
Imperial Heaven sees through the first Great Bamboo Peak and searches the world for some immortal cultivation methods … Even the magic door cultivation methods will be brought back to Imperial Heaven. These days, I went to the second floor of the Buddhist Scripture Pavilion, where there are a number of magical doors, but they are all incomplete. However, the Buddhist Scripture Pavilion also has this secret room, where there is actually a magic teaching, poisonous door, immortal determination, and "all-toxic true sutra". Although it is only the first nine, I have to say that the predecessors of Great Bamboo Peak are tough.
It is estimated that these collections of Tongtian Peak are also known, but even if they know Tongtian Peak, they are also nai. Who called Dazhu Peak the most miserable? The green leaves have been eccentric. He suppressed Dazhu Peak with six peaks. Do you want to live that Dazhu Peak?
Chapter 25 Five Elements of Ghosts and Ghosts
Dazhufeng Tibetan Scripture Pavilion!
Watch several ancient books and secret laws here! The big bamboo peak closes the sky, but it is looking for the number achievement method and the secret method
This secret method is varied, magic, Buddhism, Confucianism … It can be said that it is incomplete because it has everything.
Imperial Heaven stares at a piece of latosolic red law. This law is’ Yan Sword Decision’ and’ Red Sword Decision’, but the immortal decision created by Dazhufeng’s predecessors is a fusion of’ Incense Book’. Dazhufeng’s predecessors looked for the’ Incense Book’, but only the first three layers were harvested, but Dazhufeng also created’ Yan Sword Tactics’!
Yan sword tactic’ is Tian Buyi’s cultivation method, which is a powerful fairy method and a powerful reason for Tian Buyi! To cultivate’ Yan Sword Tactics’, first look for a Vulcan material to cast it into a fairy sword, and then integrate the secret method into your body. With your own spiritual strength, the power of the fairy sword will increase, and the hot flame will continue to burn the spiritual force to purify the spiritual force and purify the body … It even causes the spiritual force to have a hot flame, which is a kind of’ Yan Sword Tactics’, which is not as good as the difficulty of integrating into the fairy sword. Even after success, it will always bear the hot flame. It can be said that if you want to cultivate’ Red Flame Fairy Decision’, you must have great
Tian Buyi is relying on perseverance to practice’ Red Immortal Decisive’ but also gained great strength.
At the moment, the Imperial Heaven sighs gently and regrets that the Great Bamboo Peak is unwilling and unfortunate, and it has a low background. It is looking for a number of Buddhist, Buddhist, Confucian and secular … Everything has been spared to gather such a magnificent ancient book.