Chapter 1123 Tianmen 2
? "What does the bodhi old zu mean?"
The Eastern Emperor and other top strong people in the longevity world all looked at Hongjun bodhi old zu and looked at the supreme elder of this realm.
"It’s very simple to be a worm without going through reincarnation and rebuilding it again and again, and you can always be a worm. Even if you cultivate it higher, you can’t break through the fate of the worm, get rid of the torrent of fate and jump out of the chess game."
"Being together in HarmonyOS should mean being physically and mentally HarmonyOS, HarmonyOS, HarmonyOS, HarmonyOS,, HarmonyOS, HarmonyOS, flesh and blood … before I can jump out of the torrent of fate all day and really control myself in chess."
Hongjun bodhi old zu narrowing her eyes with a wry smile explained.
"But only the heaven of science can enter the reincarnation and not die out. Is the death of an ordinary monk a complete extinction like reincarnation?" The emperor don’t understand tunnel
"And even if you get Hao Tianzun, it’s also difficult to break through the star peak to the ancient road or focus on being killed." A master of longevity is also puzzled.
"The Heaven of Science came to the stars, the ancient Louis died, and none of the Heaven of Science in the past dynasties was able to truly ascend to heaven. Perhaps it was because the one who knew the threat of Heaven of Science deliberately arranged many disasters to obliterate Heaven of Science."
Grandfather Hongjun sighed again and then said, "Haotian should be the only hope to ascend to heaven!"
"Is there any hope for the monk who used to be Haotian to practice in reincarnation and come here now?" Eating goods suddenly asked
"There should be a key to practice HarmonyOS" Hongjun bodhi old zu nods.
"Then we have no hope?" The East Emperor and other strong people seem a little disappointed.
"You are not hopeless to find Hao Tianzun, even if you get it temporarily and then fall, you will have hope if you struggle in reincarnation for some years." Hongjun bodhi old zu shook his head and said with relief.
"Not to mention how difficult it is to get the title of Hao Tian, but it is also extremely difficult to reach the top again after several rounds of reconstruction."
"What’s more, it’s necessary to practice HarmonyOS’s body when he comes to Xinggu Road. How many surprises are there? Who can practice HarmonyOS’s body or HarmonyOS’s body?"
All the strong people in the growing world are confused and desperate at the moment.
"If it’s not difficult for everyone to ascend to heaven, what’s the point of ascending to heaven?"
Grandfather Hongjun went on to say, "Although these fourteen words are reasonable, they may not be true, but they may also be the one who deliberately wrote them to make us despair and lose morale. How many hardships and sufferings have not defeated us all the way? Are we going to be defeated by these fourteen words?"
Listen to Hongjun bodhi old zu said that everyone’s expression gradually returned to normal, and their hearts felt better.
"Although we haven’t been reincarnated, we have also practiced for years. The realm is absolutely as good as those who have been reincarnated for generations. We should practice HarmonyOS’s body as if it were beyond our destiny."
Grandfather Hongjun then encouraged, "We have been working hard on Xinggu Road for several years, and our eyes are about to reach the finish line. Can we give up halfway?"
The bodhi old zu took the lead in flying to the first step when his words fell.
His feet just stepped on the first step, and the first step was twisted, and then a not very strong force raged on the steps.
That force is like a gust of wind blowing wildly at the bodhi old zu Hongjun. His body seems to want to push him away from the steps, but he is steady except for dancing in his clothes.
Everyone jumped the first step when they saw this.
Strangely, the more monks jump to the first step, the weaker the force becomes.
Xiao Lingyu felt for a while and found that the force was not weakened, but it was shared equally by everyone.
It’s weakened by the shunt
In this way, it is easy for everyone to come to a conclusion that the more monks arrive here, the easier it will be to climb the top of the steps.
As everyone inferred, the second floor, the third floor, the fourth floor, and the fifth floor … Until the thousand floors, the repulsive force on each floor became stronger and stronger. If the monk came to Genfa alone to reach the thousand floors, everyone came together.
Every time we all take off together, the original strong repulsion will become weak in an instant with more than 200 shares.
This step should be more than 9,000 floors behind, but it has given everyone a lot of resistance. Go forward and rush to hundreds of floors without rest.
From the thousand six hundred and thirty-three floors, everyone has to spend a lot of effort on each floor, so every floor has to have a rest.
The longer we go, the longer we have a rest.
Fortunately, there is no danger, and it is getting harder and harder.
One more monk means less pressure, so even though some monks recover slowly, everyone will wait patiently until everyone is in full swing.
Because of his strong physical strength, his recovery speed is also faster, so Xiao Lingyu is actually very relaxed. When the other monks are recovering and resting, he will either continue to practice HarmonyOS Xuan Qi or enter the reincarnation dream.
In fact, everyone feels glad in their hearts that there are a lot of monks here this time, otherwise it will be said that they have reached the top of the steps. Even a monk, even the bodhi old zu Hongjun, is sad to have thousands of steps.
You can only see the top of the stone steps when you reach 9,600 steps.
At the end of the stone steps, there are two tall stone pillars carved, and everyone can’t see clearly what they are carved.
Among the two stone pillars, there is a gate with a plaque with the word "Tianmen"
Seeing the gate and Tianmen, everyone seemed a little excited, as if they had been suffering in the lost way for many years and finally saw their own gate, and as if travelers in the desert had seen an oasis
After years of struggle, the goal is finally revealed in the fog today. Even Xiao Lingyu has the impulse to cheer.
Seeing that Tianmen, everyone naturally worked harder.
Keep climbing
It’s still the same. The more repulsive you are, the longer you need to rest and prepare.
The strong have a little more leisure time, such as Hongjun bodhi old zu, Xiao Lingyu, and Chihuo. The monks at this level don’t consume much at a time, and it takes a short time to recover, but they have a lot of time to wait for other monks. Almost every floor needs to wait for a few hundred thousand years.
When everyone reached the 9,997th floor, it seemed that there were still two floors left to reach the Tianmen Gate, but because of the strong repulsion, everyone finally reached the penultimate floor, let alone reached the top.
The bodhi old zu Hongjun took out many pills, all of which blessed the monk’s strength and physical strength, and each monk got one.