Say that finish two people stare at one another dumbfounded again for the second time "what the hell are you? What is the situation? " In two sentences, language, shocked expression, sound size and speaking speed are exactly the same. If they can’t communicate with each other, what is exactly the same? Ma Sanzhi and the Golden Monkey King were both stunned. The onlookers were also scared. The most timid pangolin demon screamed in horror, "Ghost, ghost, run!" Say that finish, no matter who runs away! The Golden Monkey King, the Pangolin goblin and its upgraded Warcraft have all been helped by Zhuge Liang, and they have all become human forms and learned human language.
Zhuge Liang first calmly looked at the pangolin face that was defeated and fled. Some looked down on it and some were angry and said to the people, "Ma Sanzhi, it’s shameful that you should repair that timid bastard later. It’s shameful that you are responsible for your younger brother! I don’t believe that you and the Golden Monkey King can connect with each other. It must be you. He colluded with him in his heart. Is it any wonder that he wants to tease us both? If I am properly trained, I can make tens of thousands of beast troops scream long live! "
Ma Sanzhi responded, "I really don’t know what’s wrong. I really didn’t tease you. You don’t believe me and there’s nothing I can do!" No matter how much, who should I give this stick to/? Please show us the way, sir. Thank you! "
Ma Sanzhi is very respectful and polite to Zhuge Liang. This is a big man. He dare not neglect Ma Sanzhi. He believes that Zhuge Liang can solve the three great disasters he encountered in his life. This is what he heard from Zhuge Liang to predict and guarantee! Of course, be polite to the benefactor who can save his own life.
The third volume Defending the Earth
Based on the history of China from 141945, the heroic elegy is epic.
The fourth volume killer career to assassinate the enemy potential! Assassination and anti-assassination methods are varied and the process is thrilling! Will form a fairy special forces to ensure that you meet the special circumstances!
Chapter 62 The most handsome king is the most loved by beautiful women
Zhuge Liang gave his own way: "If you can’t cut the stone and win two games out of three, this stick will go to whoever wins two games!" That’s settled! " This time, there was no strange situation of empathy. Ma Sanzhi didn’t win two games in three games. He lost three games with a sad face. "God, you don’t give me face. Did you go to shit and pee and fall into the shit pit? Why do you always give me luck? You don’t have eyes! I am so handsome, can’t you take care of me? "
The Golden Monkey King got the stick and waved it with joy and mirth.
Ma Sanzhi lost his baby stick. He vented all his unhappiness and dared to run away. Pangolin ordered 1 2 Wolf King of Warcraft to drag the deserter here like a dead dog. Ma Sanzhi clearly remembers that it was this little bitch who said not to attack the ghost worm. What else did he get if he really listened to his nine cultivation sacred trees? 1. It’s cool to catch the Wolf King’s sacred tree, knowing that it is a rare treasure. The Wolf Kings are also very hostile to this timid pangolin, and they also severely abused him when they caught him.
Pangolin has been miserable in recent days. He has been upside down in a big tree and exposed to the sun for more than 3 degrees. The barbecue in high temperature has been upside down for three days and three nights, which is not enough! Ma Sanzhi also whipped him with a wooden stick from time to time, cursing, "Did I tell you to run away? Do you have guts? Where’s your guts? You coward bastard, I’ll hit you, I’ll hit you again, and I’ll see if you dare to be a jerk! "
Pangolin human form was beaten black and blue and bloody. He just changed back to his original state. Ma Sanzhi got angry again. "Is it bad to be human?" Who told you to change into a pangolin? Change the horse back! Or I’ll give you cramps and skin. Do you believe it? I smoke, I smoke to see what I smoke to death, you soft egg. You are so timid and simply let me kill you! " Pangolin becomes the same, and his anti-strike ability is stronger. His rough skin is not afraid of hitting and drying. Unfortunately, Ma Sanzhi, the king, doesn’t agree with him to change into human form and let Ma Sanzhi have a good time! It’s strange that the human form is fine-skinned and tender-skinned, and he’s not badly beaten.
Pangolin begged for mercy. "Your Majesty, I don’t dare to kill me anymore. I don’t want to die yet. My family has me. I am the only pillar of the family. I have not eaten or slept for three days and nights. I can’t stand you. Leave me alone. I don’t dare anymore! I will always obey your orders! " Pangolin is a second world of Warcraft with good strength. Being tortured for three days and nights is not so easy to die.
Ma Sanzhi "king who is your king? Am I as timid as you? You’re shameless. I’m ashamed! You always listen to my orders? Come on, you bear, what else can you do? You’re a coward. It’s a shame!
On the fourth day, Ma Sanzhi slept well and had a good breakfast early. What should he do to vent his strength? Beating deserters to severely repair this soft egg, Ma Sanzhi especially hates this pangolin when he looks at the Golden Monkey King waving his baby stick happily in the distance. He feels that he has lost his baby.
Ma Sanzhi, while beating the pangolin severely, screamed and wailed repeatedly, and said to him with a smile, "Old Jia, can you find a beautiful and good wife after you say that I am handsome or not?"
The pangolin in human form hangs upside down from the tree. Pangolin endured the pain of being black and blue, forcing an old face to say, "Big Wang Shuai is very handsome! Who dares to say that the king is not handsome? I will shoot him to death. The mighty and domineering king will surely marry many beautiful and good wives! "
Ma Sanzhi seemed dissatisfied with his answer, glaring and saying nothing, and continued to severely beat pangolin.
Bitter pangolin really can’t understand the meaning of this king! The king of the forest is really annoying, and the statue of beasts is really inscrutable. Keep shouting, "Wang Shuai is very handsome and will always be the favorite of beautiful women. You will definitely get a good wife, gentle, beautiful and generous! Big Wang Shuai is very handsome! "
Ma Sanzhi still doesn’t stop and continues to fight pangolin fiercely. It seems that pangolin will never stop until he is killed. There is no way for pangolin to open its mouth, close its eyes and open its eyes. They all shout and say that Ma Sanzhi has a good word. "The king is so big, the king of Wang Shuai is mighty and domineering, and the king is a beauty’s favorite!"
After Ma Sanzhi was tired, he stopped with a bloody stick and said, "Am I very handsome? Are you kidding me? Am I not the most handsome? Am I not your supreme master? When did I drop a level and become very handsome? Say! " Say that finish Yang | Yang hand stick is likely to play.
Pangolin immediately changed her mouth and cried, "The king is the best, the king is the most handsome, and the king is the most loved by beautiful women! The king is the best, the king is the most handsome, and the king is the most loved by beautiful women! " Shouting twice, he knew that he was hoarse, which might make Ma Sanzhi unable to hear clearly what he said so that he could say it twice.
Ma Sanzhi continued to severely repair the deserter, but the strength was relaxed. He shouted, "Don’t you? Say! Calling me’ King’ is so corny. If I don’t like it, call me ancestor! "
Pangolin was repaired and confused. "I, I, I promise I will always listen to the king’s orders!" The king is the best, the king is the most handsome, and the king is the most loved by beautiful women! " Pangolin listened to the first half of the sentence, but didn’t listen to the second half. He still called the king, but he didn’t call his ancestors.
Slap, pat, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, whine, wail, wail, wail, wail, wail, wail, wail, wail, wail, wail, wail, wail, wail, wail, It’s normal that he can’t hear clearly what Ma Sanzhi said.
After some repairs, the deserter pangolin finally heard clearly that "the ancestors are the best, the ancestors are the most handsome, and the ancestors are the most loved by beautiful women!" Ma Sanzhi is only a primary school student, and he is only a teenager. He is a young child with no hair, and Pangolin is an old demon who has been practicing for hundreds of years! The official level killed the old goblin so that the young children could be called ancestors! If you scream a little too small, you will be severely beaten. Your ancestors are good, handsome and most loved by beautiful women. That sound is really loud and reverberates for a long time! Make people really can’t help secretly laughing.
Chapter 63 The five puzzles are really torturous
Ma Sanzhi was satisfied. Hey, hey, smile and let go of the miserable deserter. Ma Sanzhi was heartless, unjust and cruel. It’s called killing chickens and honoring monkeys! What is forbidden by the order? Can tens of thousands of savage and fierce beast troops be obedient just by telling the truth and grinding their mouths?
Ma Sanzhi, however, heard the master tell a story about a man named Sun Wu, the God of War, who trained and killed his concubines. One of the beauties in Sun Wu Palace was trained in two teams, and the two concubines of the prince of Wu were allowed to be captains. But I don’t know what it means to forbid women from laughing and laughing often. When Sun Wu’s military orders were farting, it was a joke, so he hacked two captains and concubines to death. So the Tiger and Tiger Division was trained.
Ma Sanzhi was deeply inspired to learn the story of severely repairing pangolin! Ma Sanzhi didn’t cut him on the spot, so he was cheap.
Pangolin was severely repaired for three days and three nights, and it was hard to hear the earth-shattering screams! Since then, pangolin has become a famous name, and tens of thousands of wild animals have known this unfortunate man! Will anyone sympathize with pangolin’s tragic situation? You know, the nine sacred trees (Yin-Yang lychee trees) have brought benefits that are recognized as rare treasures. That’s really shocking. In just a week or two, more than three ordinary Warcraft have risen to the strength of Warcraft I, and more than five Warcraft I have successfully broken through to the strength of Warcraft II!
Many people who didn’t want to submit to Ma Sanzhi’s Warcraft are now able to join his beast army and get valuable opportunities to practice at the bottom of the sacred tree, but they are scrambling to squeeze their heads! Zhuge Liang and his master have been busy recruiting and training recently.
Ma Sanzhi thinks that "nine litchi trees outside the gate are so precious, so there must be more natural materials and treasures in the ancient tomb behind the gate!" Although it is not suitable to enter the ancient tomb like a castle to explore the treasure, it is still very important to block the news and protect the ancient tomb closely. "
Ma Sanzhi told Zhuge Liang, "It’s not enough to arrange more laws, but also to arrange many hidden laws to hide the ancient tomb! By the way, make some strange traps to make the enemy die in vain, and then arrange three fake ancient tombs back and forth to increase the difficulty for those with bad intentions to find it. After that, you must send loyal, reliable and superb immortals to guard those who are unreliable, talkative, complicated and have illegal records. All of them are blacklisted and forbidden to go to the ancient tombs! Loyalty and reliability are the first to cultivate high skills and rank second. "
Ma Sanzhi is a novice in array law and can’t understand those abstruse and difficult array laws.
Ma Sanzhi has been troubled by some problems recently that he has difficulty solving.
The first big puzzle is who hit the master’s body for more than ten years? What hurt the master? The master said, "He was secretly attacked and the enemy immediately backed away when he saw that there was no blow to kill! He didn’t recognize who the enemy was, and he couldn’t even find the trace of how many enemies he attacked, whether they were men or women. He couldn’t recognize the enemy if he wanted to take revenge, but he couldn’t find the enemy. What about revenge? Ma Sanzhi felt very sad when he remembered that the former master vomited black blood at both ends in three days. I really don’t know how much pain and suffering the master has endured for more than ten years, and I don’t know how many treatments the master has tried and how many sleepless nights he has experienced! Although his injury has healed now, Ma Sanzhi still wants to find out the culprit of the assassination of the master and torture the enemy to death.
The second biggest puzzle, where is the cave that can be opened with high spirit by killing the soul? What’s in that horrible abyss in the cave? Do you feel that there are several killers at the bottom of the abyss? What did the three lion kings die of? I don’t know why it would be dangerous for him to die! Where is the danger? It’s dangerous to kill the lion king. It’s still in the cave! Even if you find a big hole and go in again, maybe you will die in vain like the lion king! Ma Sanzhi once sent a whole army of 10,000 wild animals to look for this big cave. It can be said that he made a fuss, dug three feet and finally tried his best, but he still came back with no trace, as if the big cave had never been seen before. How is this possible? The length and width of that big cave are tens of kilometers in Fiona Fang! It’s unbelievable that there is nothing in such a big place! Ma Sanzhi reached the death order and asked a member of the Beast Army to continue searching for a big cave for one year or two, even if he was looking for ten years, he must find a meritorious person. If you make a mistake, you will die!
The third puzzle is who are the assassins who have repeatedly tried to assassinate themselves? Why kill yourself?
The first time, I stabbed myself in the back and dug a trap to kill myself. I also designed iron fire ants to bite myself black and tortured myself for many days!
The second time, I arranged for two beautiful women and a strong man to assassinate themselves in the middle of the night. If the master hadn’t been hacked to death in his sleep when he woke up, the two mothers and a man had turned into poisonous blood after their death! These assassins are really hard to kill themselves at all costs! At the same time, hiding your identity is at all costs!
The third time, the four swordsmen came to assassinate the most dangerous and terrible 13 peerless kill array. I still feel scared when I think about it. I really don’t know if it was like getting through it. Fortunately, it was a timely help when wolves came to support it! Without the help of wolves, it may have been blown to pieces by the four swordsmen. Are these four swordsmen really the strength of a man of God? I seriously doubt that Ma Sanzhi once introduced those laws to Zhuge Liang. Unfortunately, he has never heard of these terrible kill array! What kind of great power is it that so many immortals are fighting to the death and still have so many big kill array? What’s the name and where? How many hidden and terrible trump cards does this great power have?
The fourth assassination was to arrange for the examiner to kill Mo Qu with a knife when he was admitted to the Yiwu God Man. Later, Ma Sanzhi sent someone to trace his identity! This man has disappeared. Has he been covered up by criminals?
Ma Sanzhi believes that this hidden power will definitely find trouble with itself, and there will be a fifth and sixth time! I don’t know when I will come, how I will assassinate and what kind of assassin I will send! The unknown is the most terrible thing. I wish I had more information. It’s a pity that the terrible power is really watertight when it comes to it! I can’t find a trace of anything. I always do things cleanly. It really makes people admire their superb skills! There’s no way to be careful. Take more precautions!
The fourth biggest confusion Ma Sanzhi roared in his heart, "Who am I and who am I?" How can I practice the dragon king tattoo? What can I practice to be a charmer? Why do I always get assassinated? Almighty God, please give me an answer, or I will definitely break you and make you disobedient! "
The fifth biggest puzzle is Ma Sanzhi’s headache. Why is it so hard to get the magic cat back from the tomb? This kitten is not afraid of death and often commits suicide. He doesn’t want to be a minister. Don’t look at his small body and age, but he has a big temper. He is as strong as a smelly and hard stone! You can talk back, run away, resist suicide, and do it without hesitation! If you want Ma Sanzhi to see him, he will definitely scold you like a dog! At the beginning of the war, the kitten once said, "I have a powerful book, and I have a mysterious book to control Diablo thunder, which can turn you into a thor. It’s thunderous at first hand!" There is also purple-tattooed shenhuo magic, which can melt mountains, rivers and seas with one mouth, and burn all powerful enemies with one wave of your hand! My strong magic can make your strength soar, and you can play in the vast sky from now on! "
Ma Sanzhi thought the kitten was really scheming. It must be a lie! Later, he described the fighting situation and the kitten’s attack skills. Zhuge Liang and the master said after listening, "This kitten said that it may be true that strong magic is successful!" Into? Wow, that high possibility is mostly true, so it’s worth trying to win over and accept it! This kitten is a living treasure. What could make it commit suicide? But how can we make this kitten follow her heart? This is a big problem, even Zhuge Liang, who has always been able to see the sky with his hands and eyes, is capable! Ma Sanzhi, an elementary school student, can’t think of any good way to know that the two poisonous dragons have made up their minds to follow Ma Sanzhi to the death since they saw Ma Sanzhi practicing making a sacred tree. But this kitten is so different that he has no intention of practicing making a sacred tree, and he is not at ease at all! In the eyes of the kitten, it seems that this rare treasure is just an ordinary thing in a rotten street, which makes Ma Sanzhi very depressed.
This chapter is a summary of the first volume. After digging all the big pits, go to fill the pits to prepare. If you don’t understand anything in the second volume, just come back and read this chapter.