Qiongzhi and Manyun listened to Bai Ling’s words and immediately pinched the seal, which definitely released Lin Feng as soon as the seven treasures were collected.
"It’s Long Xingxuan. Do you know that Fei Qiong was killed by them?" Lin Yufeng roared up at this time.
"They killed Fei Qiong, and you went to them just to be angry with us. What’s the matter?" The Bai Ling said to the Lin Feng while practicing her surging waves and beads.
"I’m angry, but I’m angry with you. You are all my good brothers and friends. Why did you go to from ruin when Fei Qiong was killed?" That Lin Feng’s eyes burst into fire again and his hands swung. A mass of black thunder fire suddenly fell from the sky and once again fell towards Longxingxuan’s head.
"Did you see Fei Qiong die?" Long xingxuan said to Lin feng coldly without looking at the thunder and fire on the floor above his head
"What Fei Qiong is still alive?" Lin Feng couldn’t help one leng and then quickly moved the thunder fire away from Long Xingxuan’s head and slammed it on a hill next to it.
"Like you, I met an adventure, and now I’m chasing the ancient moon with Yiming!" Longxingxuan smile to Lin Feng said
"Really? Long Xingxuan, you didn’t lie to me? " Lin Feng is going crazy with joy.
"Are you still worth cheating?" Longxingxuan ha ha a smile to throw the hand play god whip way
Lin Feng blushed and bowed his head to make sure that his weapons had been paid by others, and there was no more value to be gained.
"That … I’m sorry, Xing Xuan … I’m so excited!" The forest to abundant red face said to the star xuan.
"What’s wrong with these people? Are they always hurt? Do they all apologize to Long Xingxuan?" Sun Boyi, who is next to him, has long been dissatisfied. Flying to catch Lin Feng’s ear "scratching" is a slap in the face.
That Lin Feng knew that he was indefensible and didn’t strike back. That Sun Boyi hit him for an instant and his face was swollen like a pig’s head.
"Come on, Master Sun, this is also my good friend in the human world. Give me a face!" Long Xingxuan saw that Sun Boyi didn’t listen at all. It seems that he won’t give up until he slaps that Lin Feng and kills him. He has to make a request.
"Grandpa, don’t fight again. Be careful. I’m going to put the heart-piercing lock again!" The Tang Fei also call way
"Hum Hun Xiao and Lao are far worse than you!" Sun Boyi Nai handfuls of Lin Feng fell out, which is to stop.
"Xing Xuan, take me to chase my uncle, okay?" That Lin Feng immediately got up from the ground and flew to the front of Xing Xuan, pleading that his teeth were loosened by Sun Boyi, and his words were vague and unspeakable.
"We are chasing them!" Xing Xuan smiled and returned the whip to Lin Feng. Then he asked, "Brother, why are you here? What happened?"
Then Lin Feng lamented and told Xing Xuan about his experience as an adventure.
It turned out that Lin Feng was caught by Compaq Qiao Yi and was about to die. Mao Xiao suddenly appeared and let Compaq Qiao Yi let him go for a while.
Lin Feng escaped from his talons and did not dare to stop. He rushed to the mountain, rolling and crawling. At this time, Compaq Qiao Yi finished talking with that Mao Xiaoyu, and he was turning towards his escape direction. It seems that Lin Feng was very afraid and still bowed his head and drilled into a cave next to him.
But after entering the cave, Lin Feng suddenly realized that he was not staying in the range of Jupiter. In front of him, he was an ancestral temple, which was a general building. After a month, it radiated cold light and shone on him, and Lin Feng felt that his body was really growing up like a tide.
Lin Feng was very afraid and hurried to the ancestral temple that could block the moonlight and entered the ancestral temple. Zhenyuan stopped the explosion and Lin Feng breathed a sigh of relief and looked around.
It is very strange that there is no memorial tablet for the dead in the ancestral temple, but a golden whip is placed squarely in the middle.
Chapter two hundred and forty-one Strike God with a whip
When Lin Feng saw the golden whip, he recognized that it was his own magic whip-he also thought that the magic whip was still a imitation, and he was surprised when he picked it up.
Lin Feng couldn’t help rejoicing that his whip was taken away by the unknown shining golden god. There is no suitable weapon in his hand. The appearance of this whip really made Lin Feng’s confidence soar suddenly. With this multiplier, there is no need to be afraid in those fiend soldiers.
So Lin Feng walked out of the ancestral temple with a whip, but now the moon has disappeared. He is standing in a strange place. The situation of Jupiter is not there, but Jupiter is not affected by the power of Jupiter. It seems that he is watching a three-dimensional shadow, which is as strange as the extreme.
At this time, Jupiter is the lunar large array explosion day, Jupiter deviates from the orbit, and the whole planet is in chaos, and all the fiends are crying.
Lin Feng feels comfortable to the extreme. He thinks that Joan, Yiming and others are dead. Looking at those fiend soldiers in trouble, he can’t say how carefree he is, as if he had avenged himself.
But Long Xingxuan stopped Yuyu Qiongzhou and let a group of fiend soldiers ride on it, which broke his dream. This made Lin Feng furious and struggled to wear this strange thing and wanted to chase Long Xingxuan, which gave birth to the attack on Yuyu Qiongzhou in the crack.
Xing Xuan frowned and said, "Big Brother, you mean that the moon has come around Jupiter before the lunar array has moved?"
Lin Feng nodded and said, "It was I who came out of the ancestral temple and the moon disappeared, and the lunar array just exploded at this time!"
Xing Xuan secretly pondered that the moon was not attracted by the lunar large array, but happened to pass by, that is to say, even if the demon gods mastered the layout method of the lunar large array, they could absorb the energy of the moon, so that there were not many opportunities for people to increase their capability.
Thought of here, Xing Xuan quickly pinched the seal and drove Yuyu Qiongzhou back into the crack to run, and the body really opened its eyes to recover towards the black spots that were getting weaker and weaker.