But Lin Ying, none of them can tank wave.
Lin Ying asked people to take out the shells inside, put the oil and throw it here as scrap iron.
The film guards packed half the food into the truck and left the rest to Lin Ying and them.
Then more than a dozen film guards are going to take trucks and armored vehicles.
Lin Ying and a group of lucky women took another truck.
After the distribution, Lin Ying gave all the bombs to the film guards and let everyone have a rest.
The guards got up before dawn, and then they had dinner and set off before dawn.
After the shadow guards left, Lin Ying turned around and found out yesterday that the movement attracted the zombies around him.
But there are two, two, two, and those zombies are under control when they get close.
Ann will not consider it for the time being.
Lin Ying looked at the injury of a goshawk and found that it was seriously injured. Yang Tingting cleaned its wound yesterday and bandaged it, but he still hasn’t woken up yet.
But judging from its falling chest together, there is no danger for the time being.
So Lin Ying decided to wait until the goshawk woke up and then set out according to the situation.
Before this, Lin Ying also had nothing to do, so he distinguished the potion from the mercenaries.
These potions include evolution potions, semi-mourning potions and zombie potions.
Different drugs will produce different effects after injection.
But the mercenaries didn’t mark the medicine, and the forest shadow couldn’t tell the difference
If you don’t tell them apart, Lin Ying’s hand is just a pile of garbage without any.
It is very difficult to distinguish these drugs.
Lin Ying didn’t know their characteristics when she first came into contact with these drugs, so she couldn’t tell them from the naked eye.
Lin Ying finally found a way after spending several brain cells.
That is, the forest shadow controlled many animals in the Woods yesterday.
Many animals are animals with poor fighting capacity. Lin Ying disliked them because of their small ability, so she threw them into the Woods and left them alone.
Now Lin Ying suddenly remembered that she could use these animals to distinguish these drugs.
Lin Ying intends to feed a little medicine from each test tube to different animals and see their reactions.
That way, these drugs can be accurately distinguished.
It should not affect much if a little medicine is released from each test tube.
Thought of this, Lin Ying let the controlled animals come out of the Woods through spiritual connection.
It wasn’t long before an army of animals came to Lin Ying.
There are all kinds of animals in this animal army, from frogs and poisonous snakes to giant porcupines and wild dogs.
When the animals came to Lin Ying, Lin Ying asked them to sit in rows.
Then Lin Ying found a written test tube to write 1, 2 and 3 in order.
Lin Ying harvested 25 test tubes yesterday, and he wrote 25 numbers.
Then Lin Ying picked twenty-five animals and sat them in a row. Then they also wrote one to twenty-five numbers on their foreheads.
Chapter 259 Distinguishing potions
Let all the animals do it after Lin Ying has compiled the number.
Then he dipped some chemicals from the branches of the corresponding numbered test tubes and fed them to the corresponding numbered animals.
After feeding, Lin Ying stared at the animals.
At the same time, Lin Ying called Wangcai Xiaobai, Zombie Cat, Liangerha and several poisonous snakes.
Then let them patrol behind those animals and tell them to control them immediately if they find any animals that suddenly show abnormal conditions
Lin Ying, the lowest level of these control animals is the first order, so it is relatively easy to deal with this Xie Jie animal.
Lin Ying believes that they have that strength.