Mu Hai’s mind moved to separate a scream of Chi Shaoyang and wrapped it in it to prevent himself from hearing it.
Chapter 696 Great harvest
Muhai gawk at his four bodies is not a burst of absence.
There are four bodies.
The first one is his original.
This body is a magic baby in the abdomen and has absorbed the energy of the dark storm.
The second one is to restore this body in chaos. The abdomen has not been cultivated yet.
But the physical defense force is no weaker than the first one, and to Muhai’s surprise, the fighting capacity of the terrorist younger brother is earth-shattering.
The third body is formed on the first floor. This body is just a mortal body, but the degree of terror of the hammer evolution is not weaker than that of the fairy, and it is stronger than the first two bodies.
However, this physical practice is just beginning and needs further practice.
The fourth one, that’s the one now.
This body is the strongest one. No matter whether it is the abdomen or the body, it can be a perfect master of fairy land to fight against the slightest weak wind.
The original body has been broken, but I didn’t expect it to be intact.
This is really great.
Mu Hai’s mind moves to control four bodies respectively.
"Hum …"
The four bodies have different looks, but all four of them are him alone.
"Rain is falling all, we should have a big fight." The first body walked up to Tang Yu and hugged her.
"Ah …"
Tang Yu let out a scream and couldn’t help but sweat. "I can’t fight you in the small sea."
"Don’t worry, I will be gentle this time," Muhai said with a smile.
"Rachel let you meet my artifact" The second body walked beside Zhou Qian and said with a smile.
"No …"
Zhou Qian face dew panic repeatedly retreat.
However, it’s terrible not to be ravaged by Muhai.
In the third and fourth, of course, it is the battle between Zhong Jing and Xuan Zhou.
The whole scene is full of swords and shadows.
A good description of the picture is up to everyone to imagine.
This battle lasted a whole day and a whole night.
Finally, the four women surrendered and begged for mercy before letting them go.
"Since I have four bodies, but these are my cards, I must upgrade the strength of the four bodies to the gluttonous battleship. There is no shortage of resources in it."
So want to MuHai distribution of four bodies.
Of course, his god knowledge is to control the statue.
The second body is to enter a small world to practice.
The third body entered the small world of the first layer and continued to cultivate and hone.
The fourth body is to lead its own South Youjun Corps to restore their body parts and sweep the whole undead world.
Mu Hai found that this undead world is so big that its roots have no margin.
Exhausted monster waiting for him to challenge.
His southern secluded army grew up in the battle, and the battle was repeated like this.
Nanyou Legion has become a skeleton monster that can tear apart all the iron and blood forces and can cut its edge.
"Rain is falling all, this is the powerful soul of Shenwei Keke. Take it and distribute it."
Muhai finished detaining tens of millions of great powers and handed them to Tang Yu’s soul sea.
"Shenwei?" Tang Yu’s eyes wide open to suppress surprises
"Yes, these great powers have strong soul energy. If it is a golden soul, people can’t devour some people alone, and all of them will devour together, or they will be attacked by themselves." Muhai said.
"Well, I will," Tang Yudian nodded.
Muhai nodded his eyes and let out the poor clothes.
The benefits of this relic harvest are simply legal.